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Bob Harras DC E-I-C? Wait did I take a time warp?

For those of you in the reading audience who have no idea who Bob Harras is right now well he’s the man who was Editor in Chief of Marvel from 1995-2000. This was about the period of time when I got back into comics actually. See there was a time when I was out and just about around 1997 is when I got back into it all. In a weird way this is a fascinating announcement for me. There are those out there who hear the name Bob Harras and just start cringing in pure pain and fear. For he was in the midst of the great x-men nightmare of rotating writers and artists left and right with nothing consistent and editorial nightmares abound. It was weird though for around the time I was getting on I was enjoying the life out of a lot of books. Sure the X-Men weren’t my favorites of that period since it was literally all over the map with those books. Though that late 90’s push with the Avengers was what got me back into comics.

No I wasn’t really a big fan of Bob Harras on Avengers I will state that but you know here’s the thing DC could actually benefit from this. Having someone like Bob Harras in charge of running the DC Universe books could be a great thing. I’ll state this for people if anyone is freaking out don’t freak out. It will be okay.  Just keep a cautious but hopeful eye. This could turn out to be a good thing. If it turns out bad then it turns out bad. To be honest with you I’m leaning towards cautiously optimistic. Let’s see what happens. For once in our lives let’s just see what happens. The man is a solid editor and he’s been very solid at DC from what I’ve been reading. He’s been downright quiet as of late. I was surprised to even read this. For goodness sakes though Bob Harras wasn’t the best writer on Avengers he got Kurt Busiek and George Perez on the book and that is pretty danged awesome in my book for one thing.

I still feel like I’m in a time warp and back reading the early internet seeing this across the internet. When I popped on twitter to see responses I think this kind of broke twitter a minute since it is one of those, “Wha?” sort of deals. For anyone who has been reading awhile this will take you back a bit.  Just see how this plays out. That’s how I’m looking at this whole thing at this point. If it turns out bad believe me I’ll be the first one to be ranting about it all. Still keep an open mind. That’s what I’m doing.

Don’t panic and here’s your towel.

It’s my adventures into Asgard! A look at Thor the Mighty Avenger 1-4

Thor Mighty Avenger 1-4

Writer: Roger Langridge

Artist: Chris Samnee

Yesterday at my store in the midst of my grabbing Thor #615 there was another Thor book on my radar which was Thor the Mighty Avenger. I’d been hemming and hawing on grabbing this for awhile but I decided to take the plunge into this series this week. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The nifty thing about this book is the radiating of pure unadulterated fun that comes from this. The best way to put this to you if you’re curious is this is the way you’d love to see a Thor animated series done at least one concept of it.  If this became a series I’d not be disappointed. It changes some things up like Jane Foster being a curator in a museum in Oklahoma rather than her being a doctor in new york. Not a big deal though. I did like the aspect that Thor had absolutely no idea what he did outside of just being zapped onto earth to learn humility for whatever it was he did. You also get quite a nice look into the different aspects of Thor as you go through these issues. Even the Marvel Universe at large gets nice highlights. From Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne who were absolutely a joy to read in this book I have to say. Into Mr. Hyde and one of my favorite uses of the Warriors Three. Even a quick zap of Loki in the book which causes one fascinating bit of chaos in issue three that involves Hank and Janet.

The thing you have to appreciate is this is one book that for all ages you can actually show someone from a kid to even an adult. I actually plan on showing this book to my Dad at some point since he’s a big Thor fan and it’s hit or miss for me in finding current Thor books he’d like. The last book that he and I actually read was and you’re all going to laugh was the Dan Jurgens run on Thor. He absolutely loved it until Lord of Asgard. I’m digressing though for that’s a post for another day. Yes this is the most user friendly Thor book I’ve run into. It’s a different look into the character and world that is absolutely a joy to read.  I know now that I’ve started into it I will never put it down. I could go on for quite awhile on this book. There’s just so many more details to get into. From the quirky cast in the museum that pops up to Thor’s adjustments to earth in little doses. For it handles that really well and it’s so perfect in how it works. You just can’t help but smile as you read this for it’s just absolute fun. For all the growling that goes on in comics how we lack fun in it and so forth you show someone something like this and it can spark something. From fun writing to crisp and just fun to look at artwork this has it all. Go to your local store and just go grab these issues and you won’t be disappointed.

Yes I just summed up four issues of this book in a short review but seriously for this one I sort of just keep going into the aspect of narrowing it down to, “It’s awesome go get this!”

That is how I’m going to roll with this one.

Geek Who Landed or Geek already here?

You know today as I start up this new blog I’ve done many tries at this at having a more focused blog aspect to my online self. By nature I play into many realms on land of geekdom. From gaming to comics I have covered the gamut. I guess you’d say I’m well rounded so the thing I’m in the midst of refocusing my own self online. I’m accepting the fact that I have so many interests that to be honest to just be on one thing doesn’t work so hot for me. For comics are the big gigantic thing for me. If you had to give me a home base so to speak it would be comics. If you saw my room it’s generally a giant mish mash of gaming and comic related materials. That and I also love wandering the internet for information to learn more about these things. So here’s the deal. When you read this expect the fact that any topic I bring up can be anything. The reason why as I chose the aspect of the Geek Who Landed for my own video series on youtube is the aspect that honestly I’ve always felt as if I’m outside everyone. The funny part is I feel like an alien who’s come down to earth and at times is having to figure out how everything works. The reason why geekdom is a big part of myself and why I hang with so many different aspects of it is I just love it all. Now my video series is a big part comics because like I said that’s my home base.

If anyone is ever curious in my reviews here’s the link for my channel:

We’re a culture in all things that likes to attempt to keep things isolated from each other. Gaming fans, Comic fans, and in all things. Yet in all of our geek aspects don’t we crave for something into the aspect of connection with each other? That’s why we’re on the internet to begin with is to connect am I right? So this is what I think we’re all part of one giant geek culture so why not embrace it all? Yes I’m overly simplistic as is my blessing and curse but I have simple thoughts on these sort of things.

Now expect as I go through a blog that will link to my videos of course but also into my more detailed thoughts on matters. It’ll mostly be comic related I will say this much but I mention my other interests for you never know what will pop into my mind on a given basis.

Till next time this is your humble host the geek who landed signing off for now.

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