Geek Who Landed or Geek already here?

You know today as I start up this new blog I’ve done many tries at this at having a more focused blog aspect to my online self. By nature I play into many realms on land of geekdom. From gaming to comics I have covered the gamut. I guess you’d say I’m well rounded so the thing I’m in the midst of refocusing my own self online. I’m accepting the fact that I have so many interests that to be honest to just be on one thing doesn’t work so hot for me. For comics are the big gigantic thing for me. If you had to give me a home base so to speak it would be comics. If you saw my room it’s generally a giant mish mash of gaming and comic related materials. That and I also love wandering the internet for information to learn more about these things. So here’s the deal. When you read this expect the fact that any topic I bring up can be anything. The reason why as I chose the aspect of the Geek Who Landed for my own video series on youtube is the aspect that honestly I’ve always felt as if I’m outside everyone. The funny part is I feel like an alien who’s come down to earth and at times is having to figure out how everything works. The reason why geekdom is a big part of myself and why I hang with so many different aspects of it is I just love it all. Now my video series is a big part comics because like I said that’s my home base.

If anyone is ever curious in my reviews here’s the link for my channel:

We’re a culture in all things that likes to attempt to keep things isolated from each other. Gaming fans, Comic fans, and in all things. Yet in all of our geek aspects don’t we crave for something into the aspect of connection with each other? That’s why we’re on the internet to begin with is to connect am I right? So this is what I think we’re all part of one giant geek culture so why not embrace it all? Yes I’m overly simplistic as is my blessing and curse but I have simple thoughts on these sort of things.

Now expect as I go through a blog that will link to my videos of course but also into my more detailed thoughts on matters. It’ll mostly be comic related I will say this much but I mention my other interests for you never know what will pop into my mind on a given basis.

Till next time this is your humble host the geek who landed signing off for now.

Day One.


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