Bob Harras DC E-I-C? Wait did I take a time warp?

For those of you in the reading audience who have no idea who Bob Harras is right now well he’s the man who was Editor in Chief of Marvel from 1995-2000. This was about the period of time when I got back into comics actually. See there was a time when I was out and just about around 1997 is when I got back into it all. In a weird way this is a fascinating announcement for me. There are those out there who hear the name Bob Harras and just start cringing in pure pain and fear. For he was in the midst of the great x-men nightmare of rotating writers and artists left and right with nothing consistent and editorial nightmares abound. It was weird though for around the time I was getting on I was enjoying the life out of a lot of books. Sure the X-Men weren’t my favorites of that period since it was literally all over the map with those books. Though that late 90’s push with the Avengers was what got me back into comics.

No I wasn’t really a big fan of Bob Harras on Avengers I will state that but you know here’s the thing DC could actually benefit from this. Having someone like Bob Harras in charge of running the DC Universe books could be a great thing. I’ll state this for people if anyone is freaking out don’t freak out. It will be okay.  Just keep a cautious but hopeful eye. This could turn out to be a good thing. If it turns out bad then it turns out bad. To be honest with you I’m leaning towards cautiously optimistic. Let’s see what happens. For once in our lives let’s just see what happens. The man is a solid editor and he’s been very solid at DC from what I’ve been reading. He’s been downright quiet as of late. I was surprised to even read this. For goodness sakes though Bob Harras wasn’t the best writer on Avengers he got Kurt Busiek and George Perez on the book and that is pretty danged awesome in my book for one thing.

I still feel like I’m in a time warp and back reading the early internet seeing this across the internet. When I popped on twitter to see responses I think this kind of broke twitter a minute since it is one of those, “Wha?” sort of deals. For anyone who has been reading awhile this will take you back a bit.  Just see how this plays out. That’s how I’m looking at this whole thing at this point. If it turns out bad believe me I’ll be the first one to be ranting about it all. Still keep an open mind. That’s what I’m doing.

Don’t panic and here’s your towel.


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