The patterns of a comic book fan

This is something I’ve thought about for a long time as a fan of how I decide to grab my books. There are many ways fans do this and many ways fans look at the different books on the stands. We all look at different aspects of the book and see just what catches our eye with it. If it’s an author we know there’s usually a good chance if we like the said author we’re going to grab it or in some cases not grab it if we don’t like the said author. There’s even books from authors I’ve liked that I don’t end up picking up just because something about it isn’t clicking with me. The same goes for authors I generally don’t like but find that one book I like reading of theirs and I’ll read that book and only that book. I’ve always been curious in what gets people to grab a book.  So I’m going to post something to you all either comment here or even on twitter on my name iamcomicaddict. Either way and give me your thoughts on this. Tell your friends if you like and get them involved. I’d love to hear it and I’ll compile the results and see what opinions I get. Let me know. I’d love to hear from everyone all over the place on this one.

I’ll give you a detailed one on myself to start out. I’ve been reading steadily since I was 16 but read a good bit when I was a kid until about 12 or 13 right around the time I got into Magic the Gathering and all that. As that was fading off I developed my major interest in comics via reading Wizard Magazine and I’ll never forget the issue either. It had the Hulk on the cover and it had this big thing on the Avengers #1. For the reboot of it upcoming around 1997. So I read it and fell head over heels for the concept and then when the issue came out it blew my mind. If you ever wonder why I have a bit of a soft spot for the Avengers this is good reason why. It’s what got me back into comics and reading them again. I just devoured anything I could of Marvel for awhile expanding into Deadpool and the awesome Joe Kelly run. Then it got expanded further when I discovered Battle Chasers which I’m still cranky with Joe Mad about not finishing but hey I still adored that series and it was great for the time period just it so should have been completed. Just saying there kids. I digress.

Over time from there I’ve developed my tastes into so many varied tastes of comics that literally I can’t pigeonhole myself into just one genre of anything. I sort of choose my stuff as to what might catch my eye. Morning Glories was a great example of it for I had read about it online and took a look at it in the store and fell in love. That’s just sometimes how it works. I remember when I first read Exiles and that first issue and couldn’t believe my eyes at just how cool it was. For awhile it made me grab almost anything Judd Winick until I sort of fell out with a few people just because of not as much interest in work and well finances. That’s always a kicker too. Still though for awhile I felt as if I was losing my own love of comics for a period of time too for I remember one period where I took a month off from the comic store and then I came back. I’ve never known really why that one happened but it did and to this day I’ve never had a period that long again of just not going to the store. Outside of having to have major surgery. That’s a story I never fully want to get into on here. *laughing*

So tell me your stories and tell me what you’re all into right now. Keep me posted and let me know! Either comments or twitter name: @iamcomicaddict.


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  1. I just got back into reading comics about 4 years ago. After a close to 15 year hiatus I was drawn back in by Garth Ennis’ The Boys. Since then I’ve been an avid reader of all things Ennis.

    I mainly read TPBs these days. Generally whatever catches my interest at the time is what I go for. I stay away from any costumed hero books. They just don’t hold the same appeal for me they did as a child. I tend to stick with the crime, supernatural and sci-fi books.

    • You know Crime book wise I’ll give you Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. I’ll also definitely recommend for you Incognito by the same team. It’s borderline Superhero but it shares a more pulp novel aspect to it. That’s one of my new favorite series of well mini series. *laughs*

      I’d be curious in what you read lately. Thank you for being my first comment ever on my blog!

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