Amazing Spider-Man #648 or how this is the beginning of me reading Spider-Man again.

First off let’s get this out of the way I haven’t read a Spider-Man comic in quite awhile. I read the first hardcover collection of Brand New Day and I liked it but never could fully get into it due to well finances and just it fell off my radar. I had read the preview pages early on of issue #648 and was immediately curious and decided then and there to grab that issue. I mean hey it’s a new start with new main writer and I know what’s been going on enough so I shouldn’t be completely lost. As I put down on my twitter feed Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. I’m back to collecting Spidey again. Yep you got me back kids. I’ll explain further as we go on with this post but yes I’m officially stating that I will be returning to my Spidey collecting once more after this issue. I’ll explain why as I go on.

The name of this arc is called Big Time. It’s the setup for Peter Parker and the new storyline to come and how the Parker luck actually gets a bit of an break so to speak. I won’t get into too many spoilers but needless to say it is cool. The first pages of the book involve this beautifully done Octopus robot walker invasion force in New York City. You get the Avengers helping out in the midst of this chaos. I loved the general interplay of the team and how it was all handled. I guess the best way to put this was it was fun. I mean it was genuinely fun Spidey reading. Full admission further I bought a freaking crap ton of Spidey back issues from the past bit or so so I could fill myself in on a few blanks. Though I’d have to say the big thing I enjoyed about this issue is it’s really new reader friendly. I mean you could pick up this book for the first time and be able to click into what the heck is going on.

I think I was genuinely surprised in my own right at how much I enjoyed it. I mean I didn’t expect to hate it but I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I wasn’t a fan of how One More Day was handled but again I don’t think I was alone and I wasn’t planning on touching Spider-Man but the way I was reading the interviews over the past months or so and just the preview pages alone I was sold at least on grabbing the first issue of this new run. It’s a great first start and I wish I could think up more words outside of what I have but there’s a lot to it I don’t want to really spoil too much. There is stuff out there already for the issue but if you can read it and discover for yourself for it is a lot of fun. Humberto Ramos knocks it out of the park art wise. Oh and also the Sinister Six is involved with this if that’s not enough for you to at least be curious. Actually one of my favorite bad guy concepts too I’m not going to lie. I’ve always liked the Sinister Six. I should seriously look into posting a list at some point of this sort of thing.

Anyway though congratulations you’ve got me back reading Spider-Man. I want to seriously see what happens next issue.


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