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How to get into Characters: Superman Part One

This comes from a twitter message from @T3h_Kaiser about him being intimidated by DC Continuity and how to get into certain characters. Here’s the thing it’s not as hard as you’d imagine but for the new comic fan or a comic fan getting back into it it can be seriously intimidating. His idea was a wiki but I’m not sure how to create wiki’s but I can do blog posts on each one and give you all ideas as to how to get into certain characters. I figure to end my small hiatus with a sort of how to on different characters done one at a time.

Superman I choose to do first because he’s one of my favorites and also dear sweet lord is his continuity an absolute riot to figure out. You think I’m kidding but my sweet lord it is not easy for the neophyte into the DCU.

Superman: Secret Identity: It’s an elseworlds book written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Stuart Immonen is a story involving a kid just named Clark Kent and reading about Superman and how he deals with that in his own life. Showing how it influences him and going from all of that. What’s interesting about it is if you’ve not really ever understood the appeal of Superman this is one of those books that can make you go, “Hey..I get it!” for it is absolutely amazing and one awesome read. It’s sadly out of print but if you can stumble upon it it’s absolutely one great read. It’s an absolute shame that it’s out of print for it’s one of the greatest gateway Superman introductions out there.

Superman for all Seasons: This one is actually pretty good it’s written by Jeph Loeb (considering I’m not a big fan of him nowadays this is big for me) and drawn by Tim Sale. It’s another origin story but it gets into Superman’s life as a kid and into him going into Metropolis. Showing his development of powers and his interactions with people going along the way.  It has a great retro look to it and it is still in print and easy to find. Definitely go and grab it if you can.

Superman: Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow: Written by Alan Moore and drawn by Curt Swan for this being the closing out of the Silver Age Superman it’s also one solid look at Superman and his general impact on the world. See the big part of this story was also Curt Swan was the major artist during this period of time before John Byrne came on and did his big revamp so this was the big swan song. What is surprising is it seriously is a great intro into it at the same time. If you want to understand more of the aspects of Superman that could be a bit more obscure this is fascinating. Definitely go for it. It’s collected in either the DC Universe collected stories of Alan Moore or in one separate hardcover edition of the story.

Superman: Birthright: This one is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Lenil Francis Yu and it’s very much modern age based in how it handles everything. They go into a lot of how Clark develops into being Superman and more into his travels as Clark Kent leading to it all. It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at too. Very much good for the Superman newbie too.

In each of these books I go for one accessibility in writing and two accessibility in art. Meaning is it easy for anyone to read and get into and is the storytelling clear for the person as well. These four definitely are some major parts of it. I know I’ll think of more so I’m making this part one so if I miss anything you might want me to look into or if I just forgot something let me know. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks again to @ T3h_Kaiser for me starting on this project. For this makes me want to go on one massive re-reading spree.

Oh and yes this will rotate around for there’s a lot of characters to play with and a lot of DCU to cover. I will end up doing this for Marvel too since I’ve been getting back into that world myself lately.