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I feel a rant coming on. Rant Powers activate! Drop the book!

Yes you wonder what I mean when in that subject I say drop the book well think about this a minute. You go to your local comic shop and you lament constantly about the X-Men direction and you get cranky about it. You just go on and on about it. The thing people say is usually, “Well I’m just waiting for the book to get better.”  or “I’ve been collecting X-Men all my life.” or insert your book here. Collecting out of habit isn’t good in my opinion. I know people at my store who just buy because it’s habit and not out of any real liking of the stories just habit. There’s one thing to be behind on reading which I am personally but when you don’t even really plan to read them and just collect it out of habit there’s a problem there. If you’re at that point then seriously I think to myself that you just drop that book and find something else on the shelf you might like. Just take a blind stab at a book on the shelf. Take a look at it and see what you think. It is imperative that we encourage well better things out of our comics. If you’re not happy about the lack of something new then try something new. Go for it. Take the risk. Grab that new book off the shelf. You might be surprised at you what you’ll find.

I’m always in the look for something new in my own case. If a book stops entertaining me I won’t hesitate to drop it. Brutal but honest I will drop it. I revamp around my list every good bit or so. For example if you told me awhile ago I’d be getting into the Spider-Man comics again a year ago you’d probably hear me laugh. Now I’m reading them and having a ball. If you told me I’d be looking into the new Venom title and even reading more Marvel books well you’d definitely get looks. I used to read only DC for awhile and wouldn’t touch a single Marvel title. Now I read from both of the big two. I’ve always been one to try out indie books too. My image list has gotten one wicked boost as of late due to Morning Glories, Chew, and that’s just to name a few. I got to the point with Walking Dead that I buy single issues because of the fact I couldn’t wait for the trades. I had to have that issue in my hand month after month.

I just happened into Walking Dead just by pure word of mouth and just giving it a shot. A good chunk of my time when I was getting back into comics was just grabbing book and seeing what interested me and giving it a shot. There was many successful experiments in the midst of the ones that just erupted horribly. In any case I found one good solid barometer and work it from there. Just going for the fact that if you’re unhappy with the book then just drop it and find something new. For that’s what this post all boils down to in the midst of the in between. This odd strange ramble but I think it gets the point across. I think therefore I am.



These are the best of times and these are the holy crap what the heck is going on time.

This is one post that’s been percolating in my head for quite a few days. I call it the post of me and reading about the current trouble Borders has been having. See back in the day that was my major bookstore. There used to be one until a couple of years of ago just a short drive away from me. When I went to art school there was Barnes and Noble and Borders right near by so I hopped by those all the time after classes. It was where I relaxed and just read or just wandered the shelves. It was right at  the time that graphic novels were slowly getting bigger and manga was hitting its stride. Just wandering through the aisles and looking at music since the one near me that closed had one huge music section in addition to books. Between that and the books I was in heaven. I spent most of my time in Borders through Barnes and Noble also got a good chunk of change since it was right next to my school. Just one quick drive and I was there.  Borders wasn’t that much further and I always loved wandering that place. When I was younger I used to go there and listen to jazz music with my parents and cousins. See we all went there every Friday night at one point. Since at that point most of us were involved in generally Magic the Gathering and not as much into books it took a bit of a different turn.  I remember one night we left the place and went over to the mall to look at Magic cards in the card shop that used to be there. To be honest I wish I would have payed more attention to the books then than MTG though fun generally wasn’t a giant period in my life for about a couple years later a little book called Avengers #1 with Kurt Busiek and George Perez came out and I was back into comics. Magic the Gathering became one distant memory but I digress.

That’s what reactivated my general love of books period. From novels and everything in between. I was back in my glory and loving it. Borders became a big part of that. Good chunks of change got devoted to anime, manga, comics, and books. You can only imagine the cash I spent. You probably can imagine. When I found out about Borders having all these troubles recently it made me pretty sad. I mean there’s two stores in moderately close yet not super close to me proximity. I’ve noticed that the selections haven’t been as solid as of late so when I heard about Diamond stopping shipments to them until they get paid made me go into, “Well that makes sense as to why we’re not seeing much.” I started noticing further signs when they quashed their CD selection though that’s been common everywhere either way. It is weird that bookstores period have the problems they do. I would say it’s one big way the fact that you can pretty much order most stuff off and the like but the thing is also that if a place gives you good service then you’re more than likely to just wait for the place to get it. Cheap is one thing but if you’re getting good service and they’re good to you then you’re cool with paying the extra bit. The thing is now people want the better price. Of course I do usually hit Borders or Barnes and Noble more when I have discount coupons. There’s also one Books a Million literally five minutes away from me which I hit more mostly because you guessed it it’s five minutes away.  Not bad but it’s not the best store either. There’s a lot of work that could be done.

You can put it down to just people having lots of options. With books there’s e-readers, ipads, ipod touch, and even mobile phones. With comics you have the same options. Now with bookstores I make full notice of the fact that I have memberships to each of three major bookstore chains around here being Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million. Barnes and Noble I use a bit for the fact that on their website free 1 to 3 day shipping.  The just a couple clicks and bam on the way. I use amazon quite a bit as well I make no secret of that. I do also support my local shop too since that’s where I get my general monthlies from. Like I said there’s a lot of options out there. Holy crap. Of course at my shop I had the incident of my shop didn’t get Infinite Vacation #1 which I pre-ordered and..didn’t get. I even put it in my pull list. Yeah I wasn’t really mad just going, “Uhh..I set this in place months ago and where is it?” I digress a bit more on that but that was part of my week. It kind of got me to thinking about this sort of post a bit further as it is.

I’m no expert I’m just dude who’s writing his thoughts down and trying to figure out ways to process all of this change in the universe through his head by writing it out for the world to see on a blog.  That’s my story.

The ways to feed my sequential addiction: 1/12/11

New feature to the blog: The new stuff I plan on picking up at the store this week.

Batgirl #19: Okay in full honesty this is my favorite bat title right now. Though it could end up being a toss up between that and Batman Inc. but I love this book. One of the best recent new titles I’ve gotten into. Bonus being that Dustin Nguyen is the new artist on this and he’s been an favorite of mine for quite awhile. Oh and the continuation of the Order of the Scythe story which I’ve been digging to be honest with ya’ll.

Justice League Generation Lost #17

Booster Gold #40

Birds of Prey #8: I’ve been absolutely loving the Death of Oracle story. Really all that needs to be said about my thoughts on my excitement for this issue. I want my Misfit return though is all I’m saying.

Knight & Squire #4: If you’re picking up this book you know how awesome it is. If you aren’t picking up this book then well you should pick up this book for it is awesome and in turn will make you awesome. There now go get it. Get it!

REBELS #24: I had a bit of a slow spot with this book but the last issue really surprised me and I’m curious as to where it’s going next. That and I enjoy the hell out of Vril Dox. Such a smart little bastard but a lot of fun to read about. The additions in recent issues have been a lot of fun from Lobo, Adam Strange, Captain Comet, and yes Lobo is a lot of fun to see in this title.

Red Robin #19: Oh wow another one of my favorites in the Bat Titles. I’ve been loving this series since I got into it recently. Not much more to say on that front.

Secret Six #29

THUNDER Agents #3: Getting more awesome by the minute. I’m not kidding this book has been on one great start and it just keeps going.

Infinite Vacation #1: Pre-ordered and put into file..I cannot wait to read this. Seriously.

Amazing Spider-Man #651: I’m pardon my pun amazed that I’ve gotten into this as much as I had. Even with some of my people at my store I go to making comments I still found myself absolutely having a blast with this title. Yes I play by the beat of my own drum and I love it.

Thor Mighty Avenger #8: Sad times…That’s all. Nothing more can be sad but sad times.

Widow Maker #3

Stan Lee Starborn #2: I loved the first issue and I cannot wait to read this one.

On the maybe pile:

Wonder Girl One Shot

BPRD: Hell on Earth Gods#1

That’s it for this week!

X-Men 2099 #1 = Wow I kind of dug this…

I christened my new reading room so to speak by taking a look at X-Men 2099 #1 for it’s been a very long time since I’d read it last and it was fascinating to look at again. It’s part of the 2099 line Marvel had back in 1993. Eerily enough about the same time period in which my comic buying started cutting back and started into my Magic: The Gathering addiction but I digress. I’ll sum up who worked on the book right in this part..

Writer: John Francis Moore

For the longest time he was extremely prolific when he was working on everything from X-Force to the insanely good Chronos. He was literally all over the map in fact why I read this first issue was because I noticed he was the writer of this series.

Artist: Ron Lim (insanely solid artist)

Inker: Adam Kubert!

Yes kids he inked this sucker and that’s fascinating as hell to me to see that.

What’s interesting about this book and what I love about it is you literally get introduced to each and every one of your main characters quickly. You have the whole cast known and you get a good idea as to what’s going on. For make note on this I never really did read 2099 series so a lot of this as I review this run will be as new to you as it is to me as I read through it all. You have your main characters being,

Bloodhawk (Yes..90’s..Blood..move on.)

Skullfire (who is Timothy and from what I remember he’s eventually called this.)



Shakti (who I’m not sure of the codename of.) (Just looked it up and it’s Cerebra.)

Eddie (who I think is called Metalhead but I’m not 100% sure.) (Yay I was right, Metalhead!)



Before the end of the issue you get your intro to each of the characters and get a feel for them. The storyline from what I can gather is Xi’an is gathering his own X-Men team and has this sanctuary in the midst of the desert gathering mutants and general other people who would be considered rejects of society. One the artwork is so nice, crisp, and clean. Ron Lim is one insanely under-rated artist in his skills for art and storytelling. For the man can tell a freaking story in the midst of his artwork. The writing is solid and gives you the start to what I find one curious adventure into the universe. For this is pretty much one team generally set at the core just is adding people to get set up for the next step in whatever Xi’an is going for next. Your character that is your point of view character for the early part of this is Timothy (soon to be Skullfire) and he’s your intro into this thing and leading you through the initial concepts of this place he’s managed to wander into. Then through the book you get your tour through the world.

Now what you might all find funny is how I managed to wander into X-Men 2099 land right?

Giant collection of it at an antique mall near my comic store. The place was originally a Van Leunens Department store that got converted into this and how I heard about this place was through my Mom and my Great Aunt who said there were comics. Ever since then I’ve made a point to pop into the place from time to time to see if any dealers have any new stock. Every bit or so I find finds say like this or the giant piece of Cable comics I found as well. Again I digress but I give you more place setting for this.

It’s fascinating to see that also you can get one full story setup within one issue I mean I don’t mind decompressed storytelling but it’s nice to be able to get introduced to the general concepts of the series in one fell swoop. I can appreciate that quite a bit. I will say I grabbed this giant chunk because it was cheap and it turned into one pleasant surprise. In fact I have the last bit of it I don’t have ordered and on the way to me. Soon I will have one giant series review in the future for this book and spoilers be darned I will go nuts. Might even end up being a video review? We shall see!

If you stumble upon this book cheap definitely go for it and you might end up wanting to just blast out the entire run if you can see the rest of it too.

Till next time!