The ways to feed my sequential addiction: 1/12/11

New feature to the blog: The new stuff I plan on picking up at the store this week.

Batgirl #19: Okay in full honesty this is my favorite bat title right now. Though it could end up being a toss up between that and Batman Inc. but I love this book. One of the best recent new titles I’ve gotten into. Bonus being that Dustin Nguyen is the new artist on this and he’s been an favorite of mine for quite awhile. Oh and the continuation of the Order of the Scythe story which I’ve been digging to be honest with ya’ll.

Justice League Generation Lost #17

Booster Gold #40

Birds of Prey #8: I’ve been absolutely loving the Death of Oracle story. Really all that needs to be said about my thoughts on my excitement for this issue. I want my Misfit return though is all I’m saying.

Knight & Squire #4: If you’re picking up this book you know how awesome it is. If you aren’t picking up this book then well you should pick up this book for it is awesome and in turn will make you awesome. There now go get it. Get it!

REBELS #24: I had a bit of a slow spot with this book but the last issue really surprised me and I’m curious as to where it’s going next. That and I enjoy the hell out of Vril Dox. Such a smart little bastard but a lot of fun to read about. The additions in recent issues have been a lot of fun from Lobo, Adam Strange, Captain Comet, and yes Lobo is a lot of fun to see in this title.

Red Robin #19: Oh wow another one of my favorites in the Bat Titles. I’ve been loving this series since I got into it recently. Not much more to say on that front.

Secret Six #29

THUNDER Agents #3: Getting more awesome by the minute. I’m not kidding this book has been on one great start and it just keeps going.

Infinite Vacation #1: Pre-ordered and put into file..I cannot wait to read this. Seriously.

Amazing Spider-Man #651: I’m pardon my pun amazed that I’ve gotten into this as much as I had. Even with some of my people at my store I go to making comments I still found myself absolutely having a blast with this title. Yes I play by the beat of my own drum and I love it.

Thor Mighty Avenger #8: Sad times…That’s all. Nothing more can be sad but sad times.

Widow Maker #3

Stan Lee Starborn #2: I loved the first issue and I cannot wait to read this one.

On the maybe pile:

Wonder Girl One Shot

BPRD: Hell on Earth Gods#1

That’s it for this week!


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