These are the best of times and these are the holy crap what the heck is going on time.

This is one post that’s been percolating in my head for quite a few days. I call it the post of me and reading about the current trouble Borders has been having. See back in the day that was my major bookstore. There used to be one until a couple of years of ago just a short drive away from me. When I went to art school there was Barnes and Noble and Borders right near by so I hopped by those all the time after classes. It was where I relaxed and just read or just wandered the shelves. It was right at  the time that graphic novels were slowly getting bigger and manga was hitting its stride. Just wandering through the aisles and looking at music since the one near me that closed had one huge music section in addition to books. Between that and the books I was in heaven. I spent most of my time in Borders through Barnes and Noble also got a good chunk of change since it was right next to my school. Just one quick drive and I was there.  Borders wasn’t that much further and I always loved wandering that place. When I was younger I used to go there and listen to jazz music with my parents and cousins. See we all went there every Friday night at one point. Since at that point most of us were involved in generally Magic the Gathering and not as much into books it took a bit of a different turn.  I remember one night we left the place and went over to the mall to look at Magic cards in the card shop that used to be there. To be honest I wish I would have payed more attention to the books then than MTG though fun generally wasn’t a giant period in my life for about a couple years later a little book called Avengers #1 with Kurt Busiek and George Perez came out and I was back into comics. Magic the Gathering became one distant memory but I digress.

That’s what reactivated my general love of books period. From novels and everything in between. I was back in my glory and loving it. Borders became a big part of that. Good chunks of change got devoted to anime, manga, comics, and books. You can only imagine the cash I spent. You probably can imagine. When I found out about Borders having all these troubles recently it made me pretty sad. I mean there’s two stores in moderately close yet not super close to me proximity. I’ve noticed that the selections haven’t been as solid as of late so when I heard about Diamond stopping shipments to them until they get paid made me go into, “Well that makes sense as to why we’re not seeing much.” I started noticing further signs when they quashed their CD selection though that’s been common everywhere either way. It is weird that bookstores period have the problems they do. I would say it’s one big way the fact that you can pretty much order most stuff off and the like but the thing is also that if a place gives you good service then you’re more than likely to just wait for the place to get it. Cheap is one thing but if you’re getting good service and they’re good to you then you’re cool with paying the extra bit. The thing is now people want the better price. Of course I do usually hit Borders or Barnes and Noble more when I have discount coupons. There’s also one Books a Million literally five minutes away from me which I hit more mostly because you guessed it it’s five minutes away.  Not bad but it’s not the best store either. There’s a lot of work that could be done.

You can put it down to just people having lots of options. With books there’s e-readers, ipads, ipod touch, and even mobile phones. With comics you have the same options. Now with bookstores I make full notice of the fact that I have memberships to each of three major bookstore chains around here being Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million. Barnes and Noble I use a bit for the fact that on their website free 1 to 3 day shipping.  The just a couple clicks and bam on the way. I use amazon quite a bit as well I make no secret of that. I do also support my local shop too since that’s where I get my general monthlies from. Like I said there’s a lot of options out there. Holy crap. Of course at my shop I had the incident of my shop didn’t get Infinite Vacation #1 which I pre-ordered and..didn’t get. I even put it in my pull list. Yeah I wasn’t really mad just going, “Uhh..I set this in place months ago and where is it?” I digress a bit more on that but that was part of my week. It kind of got me to thinking about this sort of post a bit further as it is.

I’m no expert I’m just dude who’s writing his thoughts down and trying to figure out ways to process all of this change in the universe through his head by writing it out for the world to see on a blog.  That’s my story.

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