I feel a rant coming on. Rant Powers activate! Drop the book!

Yes you wonder what I mean when in that subject I say drop the book well think about this a minute. You go to your local comic shop and you lament constantly about the X-Men direction and you get cranky about it. You just go on and on about it. The thing people say is usually, “Well I’m just waiting for the book to get better.”  or “I’ve been collecting X-Men all my life.” or insert your book here. Collecting out of habit isn’t good in my opinion. I know people at my store who just buy because it’s habit and not out of any real liking of the stories just habit. There’s one thing to be behind on reading which I am personally but when you don’t even really plan to read them and just collect it out of habit there’s a problem there. If you’re at that point then seriously I think to myself that you just drop that book and find something else on the shelf you might like. Just take a blind stab at a book on the shelf. Take a look at it and see what you think. It is imperative that we encourage well better things out of our comics. If you’re not happy about the lack of something new then try something new. Go for it. Take the risk. Grab that new book off the shelf. You might be surprised at you what you’ll find.

I’m always in the look for something new in my own case. If a book stops entertaining me I won’t hesitate to drop it. Brutal but honest I will drop it. I revamp around my list every good bit or so. For example if you told me awhile ago I’d be getting into the Spider-Man comics again a year ago you’d probably hear me laugh. Now I’m reading them and having a ball. If you told me I’d be looking into the new Venom title and even reading more Marvel books well you’d definitely get looks. I used to read only DC for awhile and wouldn’t touch a single Marvel title. Now I read from both of the big two. I’ve always been one to try out indie books too. My image list has gotten one wicked boost as of late due to Morning Glories, Chew, and that’s just to name a few. I got to the point with Walking Dead that I buy single issues because of the fact I couldn’t wait for the trades. I had to have that issue in my hand month after month.

I just happened into Walking Dead just by pure word of mouth and just giving it a shot. A good chunk of my time when I was getting back into comics was just grabbing book and seeing what interested me and giving it a shot. There was many successful experiments in the midst of the ones that just erupted horribly. In any case I found one good solid barometer and work it from there. Just going for the fact that if you’re unhappy with the book then just drop it and find something new. For that’s what this post all boils down to in the midst of the in between. This odd strange ramble but I think it gets the point across. I think therefore I am.



About Wesley Messer

columnist/reviewer at rhymeswithgeek.com, geek culture examiner at examiner.com and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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