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It’s okay to like Spider-Man! Seriously it’s fine! Awesome if you ask me.

In my adventures in re-embracing Spider-Man back into my comic reading life as I mentioned in the last post ( I’ve been on this spree of Spidey. I couldn’t get the last issue due to the fact my stores copies got damaged so I have to wait till this Wednesday to grab my own copy. It is funny that if you asked me a year ago if I’d be reading Spidey on a regular basis again I’d be laughing. Now I just can’t get enough. I buy everything I’ve missed over the past few years or so just to catch up. For in my own full admission I read two volumes of Brand New Day and loved it but couldn’t fully click with it then. I call it the Dan Slott factor in him being the regular writer and just the passion he showed in interviews that made me go, “You know what let’s do this let’s get back into Spider-Man.” Read the first issue liked it and then kept reading. In my own store I got some cranky from some of my crew but that was okay I liked it. I did ask my comic guy about how it’s doing and sales have actually sparked back up due to the new direction which makes me smile. It deserves every bit of it. That and I love this story arc. It kills me the latest issue got damaged since I was dying to read that latest part! Want to read next part so bad. I can be patient till Wednesday though.

One of my favorite Spidey stories is actually the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four Silver Rage. Okay full admission it’s because of the fact that Impossible Man is in there and I love that character. For goodness sakes I can say I own a fair share of some books just because of Impossible Man alone. Impossible Man = Awesome but I digress. I think I was always kind of wanting to get back into Spider-Man it just took me a bit. Now I have returned in full force. Being the lone big fan of my talking circle at the store and knowing I’ll have a rough time convincing them but hey I’m cool with that. I’ve learned I’m the man willing to dive into books at any given time.  I do own the old trade too that has the Cosmic Spider-Man period which was absolutely awesome in just how fun it was. All powerful Spider-Man is absolutely fascinating and how it all worked was pretty slick. I do believe that’s also part of Acts of Vengeance. Which I pre-ordered the Omnibus and also the Crossovers of. Just throwing that one out there.

My next thing will be to go through my Spider-man reading and give reviews. It’ll be that and all my mass amount of X-Men and anything else I have. If you all only knew my reading pile. You’d all be fascinated and horrified all at the same time.

Re-embracing a company or how I learned to like Marvel again.

For a very long period of time I wouldn’t hardly read a lot of Marvel. Mainly it was DC, Image, and whatever else but not really anything Marvel. Mostly trades I would get every good bit or so but no real single collecting of any of the Marvel titles. I would say it started right around the time of when I was big into DC’s Infinite Crisis and not much of Marvel really fascinated me. So I fell further into Infinite Crisis and then the whole Spider-Man marriage thing happened and that killed me on Marvel for awhile. The past year or so I’ve started re-discovering Marvel in a bigger way.  As DC hasn’t been as big for me I’ve started to try out different Marvel titles or at least give them a better chance. Lo and behold I’ve got a good chunk of my list with Marvel and DC both neck and neck. My funniest Marvel love again has been with Spider-Man. I’ve gotten to seriously love this new run with Dan Slott writing. It’s been so much fun to read and seeing how it’s going together really impresses me. In turn I’ve now started to hunt through single issues and anything Spider-Man I might not have gotten to read. Even the ones after the great marriage purge. I won’t read the ones that well were the beginning of it. For those things kind of irk me a bit but I’m of the point of it happened so let’s see what they can do. Good stories are good stories. I now also have been buying a good bit of Spider-Man from all eras too. Between that and my X-Men hauls. I’ve been on a roll as of late.

Though Marvel I’m still not big on the X-Men direction but I make up for it with my love of  Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers. That and the fact that I just ordered the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus. So heck yes.

The thing is I’m now finally re-opened to Marvel in full.  Lord I do get some crap for it. I call it the I can live with it since I like it and that’s really all that matters. My next wander is going to be the Black Panther: Man without Fear book. I’ll be getting that one and seeing what I think. I love the artwork and I’ll see what I think of the writing once I get one good solid read of it.

Since a good chunk of the DC Line has burned me out it’s why I’m sort of re-discovering my Marvel love since I’m fried on Green Lantern and the Flash. I know that’s horrible but lateness with the Flash and the whole Blackest Night into Brightest Day kind of fried me on the titles. It’s why I started exploring further and seeing what else might catch my eye. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself.