Updates from your humble host

This has been one crazy week or so. I recently got a gig writing reviews for the soentertain.me network as part of mycomicnetwork.com. It’s an absolute blast and I’m loving getting to play around on this larger scale. Now with this my own blog it’s going to be my home for my occasional thoughts on things of course. I also now want to focus on the larger runs in my collection. Prepare yourselves for there’s a few major projects to look forward to.

My big bad one being the Suicide Squad retrospective. At Heroes Con I finished up the last of my run of the book last year and as I’ve gone on with my projects I now feel it is time for the project to begin! It will be fairly soon but I have one or two more things to get set up first. Being Chronos and Automatic Kafka since I just found those entire runs off ebay. Which are amazing and I cannot wait to read them! It’s going to be wild for I feel like I’m going to be working on something at some point of the day either in mind or on computer but that’s not such a bad thing really if you think about it. I’m also going to get back into videos again. I got some ideas in my head for them and I think it’s time for the video return of the geek who landed. The geek who landed shall return in video form! I swear to you I should do a sort of thing similar to the Rock of, “THE GEEK WHO LANDED HAS COME BACK TO YOUTUBE!!!!” …Okay I am a dork. I swear that’s been in my head for weeks now. XD;; My major reviewing will be for mycomicnetwork.com and the blog will be for my more longer form and loopier post ideas.

I kind of came up with a lot of this over the past couple days since I’m getting used to having a nice daily writing schedule again and this is going to help me immensely on everything else involving my writing side of myself in the long haul.

Keep an eye out! For this is only the beginning.

About Wesley Messer

columnist/reviewer at rhymeswithgeek.com, geek culture examiner at examiner.com and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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