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The Finale of Tokyopop.

Yesterday was one hell of a big day in a horrible way being that the death of the US operations of Tokyopop is shutting down.

This is where I first read on it:

Then it just went from there.

On a personal note Tokyopop was actually my second big manga reading time. Between Viz and Dark Horse then once Tokyopop introduced the unflopped format being right to left reading experience my mind was blown. It was one fun period of time too. New manga in this unflopped format and it’s stuff I’d not heard much about till that point and it was absolutely exciting. When you went into the bookstores there was this sort of life about it that was absolutely cool. Here it was manga hitting huge and it was spreading everywhere else. Viz started to hit full steam with that and then everyone else started following suit. I swear I’d never had seen anything like it nor ever since. Then it spread into the graphic novels and it just exploded from there.  Walking into the bookstores with my comic interest in full steam with the manga push and I was in heaven.

It’s strange to think about the manga scene without Tokyopop. For there’s new people out there doing it now and Tokyopop is a shell of it’s former self but it’s sad to think about for me. For the manga industry in the states is still in a precarious situation. It’s doing okay but the boom is definitely in the rear view mirror and growing distant. I think in my heart of hearts that it could perk back up again but in what time period I couldn’t tell you. I think also the other hit of this is the fact that Tokyopop just started to have even the slightest potential to get into some sort of track again. I just don’t think it was soon enough. Just keep a thought for all those people that are losing their jobs and hopeful for you all that any manga you might have been following from them find new homes.

Here’s hoping next week brings brighter news and better thoughts for believe me it seems the past two weeks have had one wicked piece of news in it. Keep a thought out eh? Good luck Tokyopop employees and hopefully you all find new gigs soon. Here’s hoping for a brighter week to come.

The adventures of Marvel: The observing of Fear Itself.

This is going to be different than what I do on This is not as much a review though my opinion on it will be reflected. This is more a look into the first crossover event of Marvel I’ve picked up in quite awhile. I didn’t touch Shadowland nor anything else with it outside of a couple issues of Siege last year. This is more my own look into Fear Itself for the aspect of how it could hold over the long haul as a mega event. For this is the first big bad holy mother of all mercy event that Marvel has done in awhile. The thing that caught my eye initially with Fear Itself was the fact that I like the writer and it’s Stuart Immonen on the art side so if I’m not a big fan of the story then I’ll be guaranteed one amazing art experience. What I didn’t fully count on is really getting into it like I did.

Here’s the way I think about it this could have gone one of two ways. For this was either going to scream cash cow or actual good story just with one huge budget if you want to use action movie terms. What you got out of this was strong looks into the general aspects of what could scare you in the Marvel Universe right now. It’s going for more the thoughtful approach to how life is in the Marvel Universe. The big focus of it being you have the Gods on Earth still dealing with the after effects of Siege and the destruction of their Earth home. While on the other side there’s a strong human element of the town of Broxton, Oklahoma that’s suffering because of the lack of jobs in that area. You get metahuman and human elements at the same time.

I think it’ll be interesting in the midst of the battling with Sin and her newly embraced Hammer of power mixed in with the human side of this whole affair. I call it almost stealth message. For in the midst of the big battles to come if the balance can be kept with the human element of this story this could be one fascinating little look into the universe at large. For I loved the Fear Itself: The Home Front. That was seriously amazing work from all involved. I think this is what gives you the vibe that this is going to be just as human a story as well as a superhuman one. For like I said in the midst of all the as you’d put it giant smashy that will go on there will be a lot of great looks into the minds of everyone involved. The home front book alone has great stories probably one of the better of the anthology sort of books. Three solid teams on each story and it’s about as impressive as you can get. I think that this is starting to scream “This is more than what you’d think!” and I like it. Since on my own website I think someone else is doing this I’ll be doing my own sort of perspective on it. As I put in an earlier post I’m just starting to get back into it over the past year or so and it’s been one overall pleasant experience. It’s what has me buying anything retro marvel I can find in the process. Just wait till Flashpoint comes out you all I can only imagine what that crossover will bring us to come. For so far the curse about that book is the creative teams for the book are all over the place but I digress.

I’d love to have some discussion on feat itself either via twitter or comment section. So feel free and pop me a line!