Inspired by my search tags: My thoughts on the possible DC Reboots

Oh goodness me as the title says I was going through my search tags and there it was on there the DC reboots. You know  I have actually been thinking about the possibilities of what’s being hinted in the aftermath of Flashpoint. Which says a lot about this story for instead of really appreciating what it could or could not be we’re living in fear of what could happen. In my own store I had people fearing the death of the industry because of the reboots. Okay here’s  the deal until we hear what’s happening and what’s going to happen I say don’t panic and every one needs a towel. I think that’s the curse of our industry at times is the fact that we absolutely fear the aspect of stuff that’s coming out down the road rather than just seeing what happens. If it’s crap then it’s crap and at least you got to see it. On the other hand judging it months in advance is much easier and a simpler thing to do.

Yes I can already see the cranky coming out of that comment but the thing was back when Crisis on Infinite Earths was coming out the initial plan was for a line wide reboot. It just fell through because DC Comics at the time got cold feet. If it happens it really could actually turn out to be an interesting thing. In my own case I think if any reboot is going to happen it’ll be a Zero Hour sort of idea of you get your #1 intro issue and then back to normal numbering next issue. I could see some of the smaller numbered books rebooted but really it’s at this point of just wait and see. In my years as a comic fan I’ve seen a lot of strange things come about good and bad in the land of comics.

They say June 11th is when the official announcement is going to come as to how this will all play out. We also have until September before we see the full effects and right now there’s a giant shiny non disclosure agreement for everyone involved. Meaning until we hear the official word just wait and see what happens. Could it be bad? Yes. Could it be good? Yes. Could it be completely freaking awesome? Yes. It could be one of many things. Until we read we’ll never know. Read the news and keep your mind open. For in the comic world we really could use more open minds.

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