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Looking over the orders for the New 52

This article caught my eye this morning, we’re now on the latter hours before the relaunch officially kicks into gear. The tickling clock on everything changing before us has started. So a few numbers strike me interesting out of this article, mostly in the middle range titles. Animal Man doing a lot better than I was expecting. Same with Frankenstein. Though the latter part with Blue Beetle, Resurrection Man, and Men of War concerns me, being books I’m quite interested in, yet them being so low doesn’t shock me. Going forward, this is the start of seeing how this is going to work out. The orders are solid, pretty standard overall. Six Months from now, between sales adjustments is wher the real test will lie. As always with the relaunch, we’re now in the wait and see haul. Like it or not, we’re now here, we just have to see where this all will end up going.





Inspired by a comment: The Marketing of the DC Relaunch

In the post I just did earlier, I mentioned missteps well glitches in this relaunch, and a great comment came my way talking about the marketing.  Yeah that’s the major worry on my end. I think the relaunch is necessary but I’m going to post the commercial that’s going to air in Cinemas over the next few months.

I’ve had thoughts on this that I’ve had troubles getting out over the past weeks, and this is one thing that troubles me. It’s difficult to promote comics on TV and Movies, yet it does show you the core characters within this commercial. Yet and the comment does bring up another point, the new audience potential. Here’s where things are going to get interesting. The advertisement of this in movie theaters and hopefully branching out to television is one thing. Mixed in with the radio shows that Dan Didio and Jim Lee have been doing in key markets, that’s the question is how to create these new readers. The lines have been branded a certain way, yet really for the new reader, what incentive is there to go out and grab these titles. Comic stores are relatively spread out, where I’m from in the Cincinnati area, they’re all in relatively close proximity. In most areas this isn’t the case. The million dollar question is what about the digital downloads? That could be an interesting discussion in itself. For there’s going to be many levels of marketing with this. The crowd outside of comics, the lapsed readers, and of course getting fans already reading trying out DC”s new offerings. Where we’re going to end up getting readers is going to be part comic stores and this is the other factor with the digital market. For those without a store nearby, there’s going to end up being a crowd that’s going to read these digitally.  Two flavors coming together in strange and mystical ways.

Between these methods, dare I forget social media as well, will all of these recruit a new audience? We’re going to have to wait and see. Six months to a year is when we’ll see the full effects of this relaunch. For as much as this is including, there’s also been a strong piece of polarization mixed in. Keep an eye out, this could be the biggest thing ever, or a giant cluster as we’ve never seen before.


The Dawn of the Relaunch is upon us!

I just got asked this on twitter overnight by ALouisS, “So….The DC relaunch is just over the horizon….Will you be mourning the loss of the DC of old?”, and that got me to thinking of that question. I’ve been following DC regularly since the late 90’s, getting truly hooked during Infinite Crisis. Infinite Crisis hooked me because that was the last major DC event that had real build up. It also had a feeling of actually mattering. Bringing back the Multiverse, setting up one year later, launching the weekly 52 series, and still there was ramifications coming from that event. The last big events to me didn’t have that same long term effect like Infinite Crisis did. From then on, every event felt like a pale comparison to the buildup that Infinite Crisis had behind it. For every misstep there was something good happening that caught my eye. That event turned me into a major league DC reader for a long period of time . Marvel became a distant world for me in my comic buying experience. I stuck mostly with DC, Wildstorm, and the occasional Image with other random indie books on the side. Just totally fell head over heels for the DCU. Over the past few years and through other crossovers I felt myself and my list balancing out with Marvel, DC, Image, and anything else that catches my eye.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that DC has tended to wander in the direction of throwing spaghetti at the wall, seeing what ends up sticking. For the two biggest titles I’m sad to see go are Secret Six and the Stephanie Brown Batgirl title. It’s hard for me to say this but the relaunch was needed. If this does backfire I’ll be one of the first to say this turned into something horrible. Right now this industry isn’t growing in the way it deserves. If this relaunch serves to bring any new readers then the relaunch worked. There’s been some glitches, some downright serious glitches in the promotion of the relaunch. I still feel though that this  in theory isn’t a bad idea. I leave you off with this, I am going to miss parts of the old DCU, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the relaunch holds. Just seriously DC, don’t screw it up.