Spoiler Filled Thoughts! Secret Avengers #16

Just got done with my review of Secret Avengers #16 which you can find below,


Feel free and read the review before you get into the spoiler filled thoughts, since I plan to spoil the living crap out of this.

You have been warned.

You know it took me a couple reads to fully appreciate just what Warren Ellis has managed to pull off in just one issue of Secret Avengers. Warren Ellis is truly the mad genius of comics in just what he manages to do. Honestly with him using the Shadow Council concept, just twisting it to his own ways, makes it that much more amazing. Also living near Cincinnati that I wasn’t told there was a Secret City under there sooner and that there was a time machine, makes me disappointed. Just saying, if there is a cool time machine somewhere, let me know next time. I’ll find a way to use the machine without annihilating Cincinnati.

Moon Knight and Beast must be teamed up more in Warren’s run on this title, Best quotes being:

In reference to what weapons they have, and Moon Knight wondering why his isn’t the same as Steve Rogers,

Beast: “Commander Rogers is a Super-Soldier who can master any weapon in seconds. You are a borderline psychotic who wears a white bag over his head in public. I imagine everyone thought it’d be best to make things easy for you.

and when Moon Knight gets shot,

Moon Knight: Relax, I’m far too borderline psychotic to feel pain. Nearly there anyway.  Actually I might pass out.

Beast: I’m sorry I said you were insane.

Moon Knight: I still might pass out.

That’s the best thing about this is the character interactions. I mentioned it in the review, but couldn’t get into this as much without overwhelming my review. Ellis has a flair for character interaction that makes these people feel like a team. It’s covert operations and the feel does wonders for Secret Avengers. It actually has an identity all it’s own, which has been sorely needed for this series. The new motto, “Run the Mission, Don’t get seen, Save the World.” is perfection.

Jamie McKelvie is amazing in this issue. I always knew he was good, but this issue has me see him in a brand new light.  Also I wish his cover would have been the main cover for it fit the story so much more than the John Cassaday cover. I like Cassaday but McKelvie’s cover was just a stronger piece, fitting the issue in a way Cassaday’s didn’t.

The ending of Beast having to use the Atomic Cadillac as a neutron bomb was amazing. Just a great sequence leading to that sad ending which Kudos to Matthew Wilson’s color work, for that fit that last panel perfectly.

Those were just the main points I wanted to get into further that I felt would have sent the review into a spoiler fest from hell. So that ends another edition of Spoiler Filled Thoughts!

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