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Thoughts from your Humble Host: Grant Morrison

I just took a read of this column off of CBR and I have to say this is interesting to me. Cracks me up that I actually have a good chunk of this material in one way or another. This for the most part is a solid look at his work. There’s some great reading in each of these things mentioned. Especially the Invisibles which by the way if none of you out there have read the Invisibles, do yourself a favor and find the trades immediately.  I got mine in a random adventure at Half Price Books in which one day I went in with a buddy of mine and there they were. Every single volume of the Invisibles right before me. Which inspired one of the weeks in which my brain felt it got rewired. Within all the ideas represented here with the sheer inventiveness of the story comes a mind melting event of awesome that has to be experienced.

By the way I like that usage of words, mind melting event of awesome. That’s cool.

Morrison’s We3 is actually one of my favorite stories of his as I own the TPB of it as well as the deluxe hardcover edition. By the way I recommend grabbing the hardcover edition since that one is just chock full of great material. I’ve had people I know who don’t read a lot of comics read We3 and get to wanting to read more from there. Mixed in with the fact that there’s so much amazing material from him out there that we’re going to get into something that’s been much talked about and argued about at times, his current Action Comics run.

I’ve done two reviews of his Action Comics so far, which I’ll link below,

I’m kind of an oddball with my views on this series, I genuinely like it. What caught my eye so much with this is the fact that this series feels natural to what it would have been like for Superman to appear in our time. I think Morrison is building piece by piece the current version of Superman and there’s not as many mad ideas but we’re getting there. The next issues are going to be where Grant starts to cut loose which the Legion of Superheroes showing up. I didn’t get to do a review of issue 3 but I did like it quite a lot. Gene Ha’s view of Krypton was a thing a beauty and it’s Gene Ha doing this, you knew it was going to look great. Give Action Comics a shot if you’re curious about the series by the way. It is a good read especially if you think back to the early appearances of Superman.

The one goal of mine at some point is to grab all of his New X-Men Ultimate Collections and just read through them. Same with finishing up his Doom Patrol and Animal Man runs. All three have been on my hit list for quite a long time. I’m also going to finish up this post here as I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Till next time!




Keeping you updated! A selection of my recent reviews.

Here’s the links to my most recent reviews I’ve done. Representing some serious variety in all my reviews I’ve been doing as of late. From expressing my love for Atomic Robo, checking out a nice old school inspired superhero comic, cool covert ops story, and a X-Men series I haven’t checked out in awhile. The Mudman review is a special one for me as that one managed to pop on the Robot 6 Blog in the Chain Reactions story which I was insanely happy about. My poor twitter followers got to deal with a me bouncing off the walls that day. I’ll post the link below just to let you all check out my fun mention.

Really not too much else to report, would anyone like a detailed post on Our Love is Real? I feel it deserves that one considering that the Comic Anvil is being posted soon in which @EvilPilgrim and I go in further detail into the wonderful world of Our Love is Real.  Till next blog!





The surprise that was Avenging Spider-Man #1!

Okay check out the review and then I’m going to fire a way a few extra reactions here on the title. Really this book is a lot of fun. Every single page of this series has so much going on and yet it turns out to be an absolute winner. To expand further on my thoughts in why I wasn’t even going to grab this, I just didn’t really see the point of another Spidey book.  In a weird way though I think this is the Spider-Man book I’ve been looking for. I’m a bit of a Marvel Team-Up fan as I have a near complete collection of the series. So far this issue shows that we’re all the way to a true rebirth of that Marvel Team-Up concept in this series just from what Zeb Wells is doing with having Spider-Man teaming up with different members of the Avengers though I hope it expands further as the series goes on.

Joe Madureira is one part of this comic I’m happy about and nervous about all at the same time. He’s doing an excellent job with this first issue, he’s cutting loose and doing some great work. Yet his deadline is what I hope he can keep up with. As long as that happens we’re in for a great time. You have Joe Mad on your title so Zeb Wells does the logical idea and lets him cut loose with double page spreads and just goes nuts with the action pieces. Makes this series so nice just to even look at.

What’s weird for me though and I wanted to get more into this in the review but you see the Subterraneans in the Incredible Hulk and now they’re in here with the Mole Man being held captive. It’s a little weird but it’s not that bad honestly considering just how much fun Avenging Spider-Man is. Though the people that have Mole Man held captive look like they came straight out of World of Warcraft. One of those weird moments where I thought Marvel was taking the Orcs of WoW and letting them loose in the Marvel Universe. Overall though that’s not such a big deal considering I just want to see what’s going to happen next issue.

I do want to mention the twist I liked that the Subterraneans were grabbing J.Jonah Jameson from above ground just because he’s considered the King. King of New York helping them save the Mole Man. Nice play and I can’t wait to see J. Jonah’s reactions to everything going on around him. Red Hulk and Spider-Man just from the previews are going to be in for one fun journey. The book for goodness sake ended with a nice giant monster and at the beginning had Spidey and the Avengers fighting a giant robot. So much fun to be had!  All of these things together make me have to grab this issue next month.






Here’s the Wesley Pull List and plans for the week for 11/9/11

I’ve decided to make this my new weekly idea to let you all what I’m up to and also just to tell you all what I’m planning to get for the week!

Okay first off, my first major online project will be happening soon, hopefully over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted when it’s ready for prime time. Some of my followers gave me some good feedback on what subjects could be interesting for this column. I’m extremely excited about it you have no idea.

Also on the Anvil end we’re going to be doing two podcasts over the weekend! Yes Anvilites count em, two podcasts! One is going to be…interesting and the other is one I cannot wait! The first creator interview on the Anvil! Yes guys this is a cool one, I am so happy about both episodes!

Now for the pull list:

This is a very light week for me on this one,

I’m grabbing Avenging Spider-Man #1 mainly because of the fact that I like Joe Madureira’s artwork and honestly that’s the big appeal for me. Zeb Wells is a solid writer and I’ve seen preview pages and that does make me interested in seeing how this will come together. I’m more than likely going to do a review on this one. Going to be interesting either way to see how this one fares for me. Yes I’m still bitter that Joe Mad hasn’t finished Battle Chasers and never will. That’s okay though I’ve accepted that one.

Batwoman #3 is a must buy for anyone but I just love this series. Written by J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman and drawn by J.H Williams, this is one of the most beautifully drawn books in the new 52. Since Batwoman: Elegy is a favorite of mine I had to say this book had high expectations and it met them swimmingly so this is one of my long haul books of the new 52.

Demon Knights #3 continues a series that while I couldn’t get into Paul Cornell’s Stormwatch this one just fit like a glove. The series is fun, pure unadulterated fun. Massive action, great story, and the art by Diogenes Neves is amazing. On all levels this book is highly recommended and cannot be missed.

Grifter #3 is on my list and initially Grifter was a series I had no expectations for and then it turned into a book I can’t miss. This takes the concepts of Daemonites and twists that entirely on it’s head. Such a cool title and if you’re not already grabbing it I’d highly recommend that one.

Pigs #3 is a nice series, you should give this one a look. It’s a unique take on Cold War madness and I love every minute of it.

Resurrection Man #3 or the series I had extremely high hopes for as well and didn’t let me down at all. You all should definitely be checking this one out as well. If you read the original series then you’re well on your way to needing it in your life. If you haven’t read the original series you don’t have to and you can read knowing that it’s just a cool series.

The maybe book of the week is Marvel’s Point One. I am interested in seeing how they plan to set up all their big events for the year in some strange way, and in another way that price tag is the price tag from hell. So we’ll see. I’ll take a flip through and decide how I feel about that one at the store tomorrow.

That’s really about it for now people! Till the next post!

Keeping you updated on The Comic Anvil!

Unless you haven’t heard by now I’m a part of the team that does The Comic Anvil podcast every week to two weeks depending on scheduling. Probably one of my favorite new internet activities is doing The Comic Anvil for working with Evil Pilgrim (Eric), batmanboy11 (Dylan), and spideyellis (Anthony). Recently I got the honor of hosting an episode of The Anvil with my friend ilikecomicstoo (Marlene) as a guest on the show. It was a lot of fun though I was extremely nervous. Seriously listen to the episode I and uh and um like nothing you’ve ever seen. Though I say I recover fairly nicely from what I’ve heard. I have a hard time listening to my own voice. I did have a lot of fun on this episode.

This was sort of the episode I genuinely had a blast doing and then the week after that I got to do an episode with @Gary_M_Miller and @Andrenn with @EvilPilgrim and it was all on the Incredible Hulk #1. That was actually a lot of fun too. Two episode in which I just had more fun than I could ever imagine. I feel like the show is starting to find a flow that’s clicking with people. We’ve had trouble getting the full cast in the past couple weeks but looks like we’ll be at full capacity soon. Which I am looking forward to immensely.

Here’s links to both episodes

also you can subscribe to us on iTunes and listen on your Ipod or even use whatever player of your choice to listen to our show. I’m immensely proud of this podcast.