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Unless you haven’t heard by now I’m a part of the team that does The Comic Anvil podcast every week to two weeks depending on scheduling. Probably one of my favorite new internet activities is doing The Comic Anvil for working with Evil Pilgrim (Eric), batmanboy11 (Dylan), and spideyellis (Anthony). Recently I got the honor of hosting an episode of The Anvil with my friend ilikecomicstoo (Marlene) as a guest on the show. It was a lot of fun though I was extremely nervous. Seriously listen to the episode I and uh and um like nothing you’ve ever seen. Though I say I recover fairly nicely from what I’ve heard. I have a hard time listening to my own voice. I did have a lot of fun on this episode.

This was sort of the episode I genuinely had a blast doing and then the week after that I got to do an episode with @Gary_M_Miller and @Andrenn with @EvilPilgrim and it was all on the Incredible Hulk #1. That was actually a lot of fun too. Two episode in which I just had more fun than I could ever imagine. I feel like the show is starting to find a flow that’s clicking with people. We’ve had trouble getting the full cast in the past couple weeks but looks like we’ll be at full capacity soon. Which I am looking forward to immensely.

Here’s links to both episodes

also you can subscribe to us on iTunes and listen on your Ipod or even use whatever player of your choice to listen to our show. I’m immensely proud of this podcast.


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