The surprise that was Avenging Spider-Man #1!

Okay check out the review and then I’m going to fire a way a few extra reactions here on the title. Really this book is a lot of fun. Every single page of this series has so much going on and yet it turns out to be an absolute winner. To expand further on my thoughts in why I wasn’t even going to grab this, I just didn’t really see the point of another Spidey book.  In a weird way though I think this is the Spider-Man book I’ve been looking for. I’m a bit of a Marvel Team-Up fan as I have a near complete collection of the series. So far this issue shows that we’re all the way to a true rebirth of that Marvel Team-Up concept in this series just from what Zeb Wells is doing with having Spider-Man teaming up with different members of the Avengers though I hope it expands further as the series goes on.

Joe Madureira is one part of this comic I’m happy about and nervous about all at the same time. He’s doing an excellent job with this first issue, he’s cutting loose and doing some great work. Yet his deadline is what I hope he can keep up with. As long as that happens we’re in for a great time. You have Joe Mad on your title so Zeb Wells does the logical idea and lets him cut loose with double page spreads and just goes nuts with the action pieces. Makes this series so nice just to even look at.

What’s weird for me though and I wanted to get more into this in the review but you see the Subterraneans in the Incredible Hulk and now they’re in here with the Mole Man being held captive. It’s a little weird but it’s not that bad honestly considering just how much fun Avenging Spider-Man is. Though the people that have Mole Man held captive look like they came straight out of World of Warcraft. One of those weird moments where I thought Marvel was taking the Orcs of WoW and letting them loose in the Marvel Universe. Overall though that’s not such a big deal considering I just want to see what’s going to happen next issue.

I do want to mention the twist I liked that the Subterraneans were grabbing J.Jonah Jameson from above ground just because he’s considered the King. King of New York helping them save the Mole Man. Nice play and I can’t wait to see J. Jonah’s reactions to everything going on around him. Red Hulk and Spider-Man just from the previews are going to be in for one fun journey. The book for goodness sake ended with a nice giant monster and at the beginning had Spidey and the Avengers fighting a giant robot. So much fun to be had!  All of these things together make me have to grab this issue next month.






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