My thoughts on Marvel NOW!: The Further details of the Kieron Gillen/Greg Land Iron Man

In reading the Newsarama article about Iron Man, we finally start to get the details on just what the Kieron Gillen written and Greg Land drawn Iron Man #1 will be about. Let’s face it, I like Gillen’s writing for the most part, it’s really the Land factor that makes me unsure of this one. I can’t hardly hide it, I’m not a huge fan of Greg Land’s artwork. I used to be back in the day when he was working on Birds of Prey, Nightwing, and up till he started to develop his current style in the midst of Sojourn via Crossgen. Now knowing the details behind this series, I am curious as to where this story could end up taking itself because really, there are some good ideas here.

Gillen’s Tony Stark for one has immense potential. Taking Stark to his basic elements will be a lot of fun to watch. It seems that Gillen really is embracing the international playboy factor that Stark has within him.  The one thing I absolutely love is the fact that he’s aiming for done in one stories for his early issues. Gillen is not just embracing Tony at his core but also making it easy for new readers to pop on throughout any point within the first few issues. I love the fact that also Gillen is going to be introducing new villains to the universe and that’s something that’s sorely needed. New blood isn’t a bad thing and by golly Iron Man could use that dash of new blood. We’ll see how a lot of this plays out.

The Land factor is going to be weird. I’m willing to give the first issue a go based off of the potential of Gillen’s story, but Greg Land is my teeter totter. One part may be up, but the other part can easily go straight down for me. Some people though absolutely love Greg Land and others like myself started the term LANNNNDDDDD!!! in reference to what we think of him on occasion. Me, I don’t like him but at least I can say that I will give this a fair chance. I’m not going to miss out on some cool ideas just because I’m not a huge fan of the artist, I’m not one to just straight up dismiss a title just because of one factor, at least anymore anyway. I used to have more of that in me, but I’ve mellowed in my older age, okay I’m 30 but you know still that is older age.

Marvel NOW! looks to be an odd situation to say the least, Iron Man has potential on this round. We’ll see what further developments happen with the other titles in the weeks to come. All I know is this, I’m hoping this works for Marvel, I really am. This is their answer to the New 52 and more power to them if this works as well as that did initially for DC Comics. I’m all about a successful comic industry and anything that helps grow the audience, I am all for. We’ll see come November if Iron Man will be a big hit for Marvel and if the Kieron Gillen and Greg Land team will be a good for the series.




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  1. I just can’t wait to see Tony’s porn faces….

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