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Syfy Adapting All of The Comics Apparently, Holy Adaptation Nation!

Syfy is in the mood for adapting comics right now, they’re not playing around in setting up the future for their network that’s for sure.  I’m just going to link the Comic Book Resources page as they collect all the announcements in one area so you can see more info that way, check out more details here on that front. I’m just blown away that Syfy is adapting Ronin, Pax Romana, Clone, and Letter 44, that’s a powerful push to show that Syfy means business. I’ve read all of Ronin and it’s one of my favorite Frank Miller pieces, mostly because of how different it is. That Syfy is looking towards making this a miniseries is perfect, should translate well to a TV audience and if Syfy doesn’t screw this up should be a fun ride. Yes if you already can’t tell, I’m looking forward to seeing what Syfy does with Ronin, I really hope it turns out well.

I can’t really say much to Clone or Letter 44, I haven’t read enough of them to say either way what my opinion is on those. I’ve read one issue of Clone and one issue of Letter 44. I’ve been hearing better things about Clone because the first issue was a little underwhelming for me, sounds like the series gets better as it goes on. Letter 44, I read the first issue and then sadly lost track of the series, my own fault on that one. From either one though and in the little bit I’ve read, they’re TV friendly ideas. I can see why Syfy went after them because they look like they could both go over huge as TV series.

As for Jonathan Hickman’s Pax Romana, I just realized I have the book for that. Now that I know there’s a miniseries on the way for that one, may be a good time to finally read that. As good a time as any to check that book out. This sounds like a great read so I’ll be checking that out as soon as possible. Likely over the weekend, hey could be a fun post idea huh? I think it could be a cool post idea, ah the wonderful things that pop up as you write down stuff online.

I digress though, I love that Syfy is pushing new series. Two new series and two miniseries and Syfy is going to be attracting all sorts of viewers to their network. They’re wanting to get serious about their television and they’re showing everyone that they’re not fooling around. I’m excited to see how this turns out. Syfy thanks for adapting all of the comics and for embracing your roots once more. Bravo Syfy, Bravo.



Adam Warlock On Hold At Marvel, Now What’s Going On?

As I was reading  Newsarama, I caught a piece about Jim Starlin and how his return to Marvel may be a shorter one than realized. Jim Starlin was planning a huge return at Marvel with The Infinity Revelation graphic novel reviving Adam Warlock back from the dead. Starlin has the graphic novel completed and starts work on the next project, The Infinity Duel that continues the return of Adam Warlock and his dealings with Thanos. As Starlin is setting up the story, he gets told by Tom Brevoort that the character is on hold and Brevoort couldn’t tell him more than that. That’s why Starlin took on the Savage Hulk project to kill time until the hold on Adam Warlock was released and now it doesn’t look likely that it’ll go away anytime soon. Which means Starlin after The Infinity Revelation, Thanos Annual, and his Savage Hulk arc means him not dealing with Marvel much for awhile it seems. Which goes to show you as many other characters haven’t had a hold put on them at Marvel, why Adam Warlock?

Starlin did take this matter public via Facebook and is the only reason why we know of this hold in the first place. If a hold like this is in place for this character, the no brainer is they have other plans for Adam Warlock after his revival. If a recent Amazon site check says anything The Infinity Revelation is due out in August of this year, that’s unconfirmed though as that sort of thing can change on a dime. I can easily see that Adam Warlock would be used in the Marvel Films because where there’s Thanos, there’s Adam Warlock. Does Marvel want their own spin on the character though as whatever they plan to do is about to happen? Nothing would shock me at this point, though considering that the Thanos Annual and The Infinity Revelation tie into each other and then a halt on Starlin’s plans was put in place.

Marvel has their agenda for the future of their franchises, that’s a fact all creators deal with. Adam Warlock is part of the Marvel Universe which means that he is part of the larger machine. Adam Warlock is a character deeply tied to Thanos as stated earlier so Marvel may want to have their own movie friendly take on him in place. Right now I am speculating, I am right now in my mind just thinking what they may do. I’d always figured that Adam Warlock would pop up in the movies, that’s a no brainer. Surprised though that now there’s a hold on him for the near future and trying to figure out why that is. Hopefully Marvel will say more on this in the future, or we’ll just hear about Adam Warlock popping up in a movie or tv series soon. Whatever the case may be, sure put a dent in Jim Starlin’s plans that’s for sure.

Wesley’s Rhymes With Geek Round Up 4/29/14

Today is my Rhymes With Geek round up day, as it’s been one active day for me in the Rhymes with Geek Universe. Two major postings, one review and one cross posted feature. Which means it is time to make Rhymes with Geek magic happen as I update you on my activities in Rhymes With Geek for April 29, 2014.

Today I cross posted the Justice League Movie article I did here for Rhymes With Geek. Check it out here, with added editorial commentary from Dante Jordan in the mix! Happy to cross post that article from this site and it transferred over well. The only differences in the post from here to Rhymes with Geek are editorial and I added a cool Bruce Timm Justice League picture. Bruce Timm Justice League is amazing, no one can deny this unless you’re a troll. It’s cool to get the article out there a bit more, feel free to read it again as Dante added some cool commentary. It was an enjoyable article to write either way and Dante’s added insight makes it that much more of a fun read. Enjoyed seeing the article from my original content and seeing his view put in there was a blast for me to see.

As for my second piece of material, I reviewed Rai #1 from Valiant Entertainment. Feel free to check this review of magic and wonder right here. Just so I don’t repeat my review, please do read it as I had so much fun reviewing this comic. When read feel free to either leave me a comment here or on the review itself on Rhymes With Geek and tell me what you think. Either way, I’m happy for any and all feedback you give me.  I hope you all enjoy the review.

That’s it for the Rhymes With Geek Roundup for now. Just a nice way so you can know what I’m up to on my main gig in the Rhymes With Geek Universe. This was a larger than average day there so I wanted to make special note of it. On Thursday I have Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 planned for reviewing so don’t miss out! Bye for now.


Dealing With My Lack of Excitement About the Justice League Movie

Over Sunday the Comics Internet exploded with news of The Justice League Movie happening after Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2. Zack Snyder is confirmed to direct the film and all we know is that the film is happening. You know, in all honesty I should be more excited about this. A few years back, heck even a few months ago, if you had told me Justice League was on the way I’d be dancing on the ceiling. Now I’m a bit subdued. My enthusiasm isn’t there for this Justice League film. I have no hate for Zack Snyder or anyone else involved in this movie, I’m just not feeling anything for this movie. Justice League should not leave me feeling nothing, I should be excited about this. Oh sure it’s happening, so yay for that but that’s all I got right now. In seeing reactions people have been showing excitement but I know there has to be more like me out there. There has to be more of us that think, “Took them long enough to make this happen.” and that’s all we can muster. In my case I know there’s more to my own lack of excitement, which I should dive into a bit.

DC Comics has done a number on me in the past few years. I was one of the biggest DC fans imaginable at one point. Most of my comic spending was DC Comics related. If I was reading a superheroes, it was DC Comics for me. I bought Image, a little Marvel, but that pile was DC fueled. Nowadays if I buy a DC Comic it’s few and far between. Even after seeing Man of Steel I felt a boost of energy coming out from that film but over time I don’t have that excitement anymore. DC Comics as a brand has done a number on my excitement for their movies. Now that being said, I like Arrow, I enjoy that TV show and will likely dig The Flash series, but that’s about most of what I dig in DC Comics land.

Right now the DC Movies have little excitement to them. I’m open minded about what they’ll do next. I’m waiting for that first bit of footage with Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 to appear to judge that film. No my lack of excitement doesn’t have to do with Ben Affleck, knock that whole thing out of your minds now. I really could care less about Ben Affleck as Batman, that is far from a big deal to me. Any of the casting for this film for that matter, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s in the whole way this is being handled, the entire concept of a Justice League came out of, “Boy look at all that money Marvel/Disney is making off The Avengers, let’s do that!” and that’s all this entire thing screams to me. The same with the X-Men, the same with Spider-Man, and everything else, all of this springs out of a hollow copy to get that little slice of pie out of the Marvel Movies.

I want to be proven wrong, I want to be excited, and I want these movies that are coming out to be good. I will see them when they hit theaters without any doubt. I just want to see these movies prove to me that they are strong films without just trying to be The Avengers 2.0. Yes I know this has dived into subjects outside of The Justice League but it all comes together in the end. All of the studios want to be Marvel with their own particular franchise which is why this dovetailed a tiny bit.

Back to the subject at hand, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment/Comics don’t screw up with the Justice League. Have a strong game plan, have a strong script, and make this the best film you all can. If you’re just aiming to be the next big movie like The Avengers, you’ve already failed. Be unique, be your own thing, and prove why The Justice League is great. Get us excited for your film, heck get me excited, and you’ll be well on your way.


The Blogging Adventures Resume Once More

In my attempts to revive this blog, I’ve always been in a state of block. I think it’s because the Geek Who Landed is such an old identity for me but people still know it. People still oddly dig it, and the idea behind it still stands. The truth of the Geek Who Landed is feeling like an outsider. Feeling a bit like an alien, you don’t fit in anywhere. That’s a lot of how I’ve felt for most of my life. Even in my early 30’s I’ve always been this guy who while around has never really fit into any circle. At times I feel like I just came from another planet and here I am, I’m here, how’s it going? As comics came into my life, that’s when I felt less like an alien, I felt like a human being. Here’s a circle that I can be part of and that can be a big part of my life. If it wasn’t for comics, I would still feel like an outsider. No matter what else happened in my world, I always had comics and that’s how I met a good part of the circle of my friends. The people I’m closest to are all in the comics scene.

Now I’ve also been lucky to make a few close friends in the gaming, television, and other facets of the fan universe. Comics are my first love, comics are a big part of what makes me, me. When I settle down to read something, usually it trends towards comics. It’s why I still write about them, doing reviews for in the midst of the death of Comics Crux. If I had to be honest with myself, I was about to take a break from just everything for awhile. Just disappear for a bit because Comics Crux was a big part of me. I helped Jess out with a lot of that site so it was hard to resume just writing about comics normally. Then when Rhymes With Geek happened, I felt that comics coverage just wasn’t done with me yet. I do mainly reviews for Rhymes With Geek and that’s a lot of fun for me.

At this stage though, I need to have outlets to cover stuff that I just want to rant about with comics. Hence, the blog making a full comeback. Every day I will post something on here. Every single day, I fell dedicate myself to posting something on this blog. I’m not going anywhere, sometimes I felt as if comics internet was done with me but far from it. I used to say to myself that I am the man who will not die. That is not a statement meant as bad, I don’t give up. I don’t die that easily, I survived too much crap to go away without a fight. With the push of a good friend, honestly a couple good friends over time, the blog is returning with a vengeance.

Comics Internet, I never went anywhere but I feel like I’ve been gone for awhile. I’m better than ever, I’m stronger than ever, and now I’m ready to make the Comics Internet and beyond a bit more interesting. Don’t call it a comeback, call it a revival to a new level. Bring it on Universe, I’m ready.