Adam Warlock On Hold At Marvel, Now What’s Going On?

As I was reading  Newsarama, I caught a piece about Jim Starlin and how his return to Marvel may be a shorter one than realized. Jim Starlin was planning a huge return at Marvel with The Infinity Revelation graphic novel reviving Adam Warlock back from the dead. Starlin has the graphic novel completed and starts work on the next project, The Infinity Duel that continues the return of Adam Warlock and his dealings with Thanos. As Starlin is setting up the story, he gets told by Tom Brevoort that the character is on hold and Brevoort couldn’t tell him more than that. That’s why Starlin took on the Savage Hulk project to kill time until the hold on Adam Warlock was released and now it doesn’t look likely that it’ll go away anytime soon. Which means Starlin after The Infinity Revelation, Thanos Annual, and his Savage Hulk arc means him not dealing with Marvel much for awhile it seems. Which goes to show you as many other characters haven’t had a hold put on them at Marvel, why Adam Warlock?

Starlin did take this matter public via Facebook and is the only reason why we know of this hold in the first place. If a hold like this is in place for this character, the no brainer is they have other plans for Adam Warlock after his revival. If a recent Amazon site check says anything The Infinity Revelation is due out in August of this year, that’s unconfirmed though as that sort of thing can change on a dime. I can easily see that Adam Warlock would be used in the Marvel Films because where there’s Thanos, there’s Adam Warlock. Does Marvel want their own spin on the character though as whatever they plan to do is about to happen? Nothing would shock me at this point, though considering that the Thanos Annual and The Infinity Revelation tie into each other and then a halt on Starlin’s plans was put in place.

Marvel has their agenda for the future of their franchises, that’s a fact all creators deal with. Adam Warlock is part of the Marvel Universe which means that he is part of the larger machine. Adam Warlock is a character deeply tied to Thanos as stated earlier so Marvel may want to have their own movie friendly take on him in place. Right now I am speculating, I am right now in my mind just thinking what they may do. I’d always figured that Adam Warlock would pop up in the movies, that’s a no brainer. Surprised though that now there’s a hold on him for the near future and trying to figure out why that is. Hopefully Marvel will say more on this in the future, or we’ll just hear about Adam Warlock popping up in a movie or tv series soon. Whatever the case may be, sure put a dent in Jim Starlin’s plans that’s for sure.

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