A Comic So Bad, It Nearly Broke Me: Uncanny Avengers Annual #1

Sit down a spell, Wesley got a story for you all. On Rhymes With Geek I elected to review Uncanny Avengers Annual #1, I thought it would be fun. Now I highly recommend you read the review on the site before going forward. Click here, read on and you’ll get a full sense as to what I went through with the Uncanny Avengers Annual. Here’s a simple fact about me as a reviewer; I don’t score a comic low lightly. If I’m scoring a comic low that means ultimately the comic left me empty and wasted my time. Like most reviewers I enjoy comics, I like talking about them and enjoy looking over a book to find what I like or dislike about a book. After all reviews are opinion so why hold back if you like or dislike something? Love it or hate it with all your might no matter what your opinion may be. ┬áIn reviewing the Uncanny Avengers Annual, I was not a happy camper. Any poor soul who caught me online during the period I was reviewing this comic got to hear me rant, a lot. In a way I was processing what to say about this comic, free thought ranting was the only way to get through it.

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 was one of the worst comics I have ever read. As I said in the review, there are people who I’ve read reviews of this book who liked this. In my final edits of the review late last night I found reviews raving and just as angry as I was about this comic. I would say my rage was more primal in wanting to tell people to not waste their money on this comic. Editing through that review was one of the harder things to do because it is harder to write a bad review than a good one. My perspective on the good review being easier to write is that I’m excited, I’m happy, I cannot wait to tell to world to buy this comic. Even if I have some small problems with the comic or whatever it is I’m reviewing, it’s still worth your time to check this comic, book, tv show, or some such I’d review. Now for a bad one, in my mind I’m trying to find the words to say in a professional manner, this comic is not for me.

My dear friends that were online during my review of the annual got to hear my unfiltered thoughts. Yes to some of you out there when you read this review you may want to buy the annual, it’s intriguing to buy a book that infuriated and annoyed while enchanting other reviewers. Even my review only scratches the surface of how bad this Uncanny Avengers Annual is. Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 is one of those comics hit me at my core of what infuriates me about comics, a pointless and worthless story. That’s why it nearly broke me, that’s why it left me angry, and that’s why I will not be reading Uncanny Avengers for a long time. One comic is all it took to swear me off of Uncanny Avengers. This is my personal blog so I can be a bit more blunt here. The best way to finish this off is simply, Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 was a tidal wave of bad and if it did a number on me, imagine what it’ll do to you.

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columnist/reviewer at rhymeswithgeek.com, geek culture examiner at examiner.com and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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  1. I almost feel more compelled to check it out then if it had gotten a mediocre review. It’s a train wreck effect…. I’m told not to look it is too awful but you just gotta see what all the fuss is about!

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