Oh Good Golly, The Power Rangers Return to Theaters

I never in a million years thought I’d see Power Rangers getting a theatrical reboot. Lionsgate is now rebooting the original concept of Power Rangers and making them into a full franchise. Oh my goodness me, 90’s Nostalgia is in overdrive here. I love how Lionsgate announced this over their twitter talking about this reboot. That doesn’t mean the series is ending on TV, it’s just the original concept of the series. The teenagers with attitude and all that great stuff for a new generation of viewers. You know in a way I would think that by nature I would hate an idea but the original Power Rangers is cheesy to the max, why not reboot the concept? Haim Saban is involved so as long as it keeps to a PG rating to stay family friendly this could be a lucrative concept for Lionsgate to work with.

The goal here will be to keep the new Power Ranger films away from the cheesiness. Still have fun with the idea but make kids feel cool while watching it and teens have just as much fun with the concept too. Another goal in this is to keep the parents happy in the process, the 90’s Nostalgia here will be powerful. As long as Lionsgate and Saban keep what made Power Rangers fun in the movies, we’ll be fine. Bonus points for doing better in the new movies than you did actually bringing the Power Rangers to film last time. Now in my own case, I’m not sure if I’d rush out to theaters to see it myself, this would be a Netflix kind of situation for sure.

This all put into perspective, I’m mind blown I’m even talking about this. Never could have imagined seeing the Power Rangers reboot or otherwise on a theater screen again. I’m going to be watching this one for myself. Right now I wait for word for casting, plans, and that eventual trailer. Till then, now we know Power Rangers in the original 90’s form is making a comeback. Just remember cast members, avoid World Peace conferences and you will be fine.

(if anyone catches that reference, cool points for you.)

source: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=52654

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