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A Goodbye to one Strange Show: Falling Skies

I can’t believe that Falling Skies is over and I’m not sad over it either. Falling Skies is a series I’ve been following since the beginning. Heck for the first site I wrote comic reviews for I did a couple of recaps for Falling Skies, boy I can only imagine how those would have been into Season 3. Yet for at least the first two seasons I was a mega fan of the show. I excitedly talked about Falling Skies with fans online, I tweeted, I facebooked, you name it about Falling Skies and it was fun. I reconnected with a friend, I made a few new ones and it was a blast. Then by Season 3 the show went off the rails. You could tell that the show was losing focus adding weirder and stranger things into the mix. As time went on we had magical children, prisons, Tom being a weird vigilante, and we had more thrown at us to take away from the larger battle at hand. Even now as the series ends I feel as though it ended with a mild whimper rather than a big finish. Which disappoints me yet Falling Skies has put me on a loopy adventure that I’m glad at least had some kind of definitive ending.

As Falling Skies got through this final season I kept feeling as though it was never going to resolve anything. It didn’t feel like a final season to me, it felt like it was any other season and didn’t have that sense of finality to it. Now the last couple episodes of Falling Skies had a level of finality to it but that was the final episodes, it should have been the entire final season that built towards a big ending. Wandering into one plot thread after another that made little sense to me. It was a show that squandered potential from past seasons into the shell of its former self by the end. Now the ending I will say was better than I thought it would be. Falling Skies had a good ending and that makes me happy. It could have been bad and it would have probably been pleased because it was something.

Now one of my major Summer shows is over but that’s okay as The Librarians starts in November and there will always be another cool series on the horizon. Summer always has new shows and there’s always great things to come. Falling Skies, you were a mess but at least you ended on a good note. That’s awesome.

Lost on Mars on a Sunday thanks to The Martian: A Chill Bloggity Thing

Today I decided to spend it mostly in the realm of a good book. Specifically The Martian by Andy Weir. In anticipation of the movie I decided it is time to read the book. I’m almost done with it actually as I only have about 100 or so pages left in it. It’s an amazing read and now I totally see why Matt Damon is the lead, he is so perfect for Mark Watney. It’s got everything I would want in a book, I’ve laughed many times as much as I’ve yelled out many expletives along the way. It’s one enthralling book and hopefully I should finish before Fear the Walking Dead tonight. Yes I’ve been doing more structured blogs here as of late but today I want to write and can’t think of anything so chill bloggity thing it is for you all. Besides I’ve been lost in a good book so I have a good reason for not being able to come with something on here today. As it is my personal blog I can play around with the format here and there.

I did play some more comic organization today too in the midst of my mega reading session today. I’ve been trying to cull down the collection a little. I find many books as I go through my adventure in my collection. In fact you all may laugh but on my Habitica page comic organization is high on that task list. Yes my Habitica is quickly becoming tailored to the land of me and hey it is my Habitica so I can make that kind of magic happen. My word is Habitica becoming my obsession to a point, if I feel I’m going to miss something I make sure I get it done. At least it is keeping me on point which is what ultimately matters here. Organization, getting writing done, reading, and all that fun stuff, hail Habitica.

That’s been my Sunday overall. I’ve been reading all day long and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Such a low key Sunday. Possibly the most low key Sunday I’ve had in a long while. I guess I needed it but I still kept on task and ultimately that is the big point of the day. Low key but get things done and that is huge right now. Now to continue being lost on Mars. Bye everyone!

The Adventures of Being Optimistic in The Land of Comic Book Internet

I’ve been in and around the Comic Internet scene for a long time now. I’ve lived and breathed comic books in one way or another for an eternity at this point. The thing is through it all I’ve never lost my inherent optimism for the comic book industry. I’ve seen pretty much everything and it takes a lot to really surprise me anymore and yet I am still hyper optimistic about comic books. I’ve seen people come and go, I’ve seen sites come and go, and seen many adventures along the way in Comic Book Internet. I’ve seen the skirmishes between people, the tweet battles, the back and forth, and ultimately the love that the Comic Book Internet land has to offer. I’ve seen people get into some of the most insane arguments online and yet find a way to become friends or at least agree to disagree. It’s interesting to watch as someone who’s been in and out of the Comic Internet adventures many times over. It’s why I’ve always remained optimistic about Comic Book Internet and where it can go in the future.

To me if you’re a blogger, writer for a site, or even just a fan, you’re part of Comic Book Internet and you’re all the more awesome for it. With any interaction I have online, with every piece I read about comic books and how to make them better, it makes me that much more happier in Comic Book Internet land. I see the fans uniting rather than dividing, I see people wanting to know more as to what they can do to make things better, and that excites me and yes, makes me more optimistic. I’ve never given up hope in the comic book internet scene, maybe I’ve gotten burnt out on occasion, but never stopped being optimistic about the scene. You’re all amazing people, you’re all awesome, and you all give me even more optimism than ever before.

It’s why as time goes forward I do want to find things that show my love of the medium and my level of optimism for it. Sure there’s things that need to improve but for the most part, we’re getting to place where things are getting awesome in comic books. The future looks bright, the future looks awesome, and that’s why my adventures in being optimistic in the land of Comic Book Internet will never stop being fun.

In conclusion: You are all amazing. Keep being awesome Comic Book Internet.

Catching up with Comic Books is Fun!

There’s a unique experience in playing catch up with a comic book backlog, it can be daunting but it can also be strangely fun. In my usage of a program called Habitica, (which by the way I wrote about), one of my goals outside of writing 1 hr a day and focusing on personal projects is reading one hour a day minimum. I apply that to cutting down on my comic book backlog and that’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been discovering new books, catching up on old ones, and I long finished my Goodreads reading challenge. Right now I just finished two volumes of Ales Kot’s Secret Avengers that he’s been doing with Michael Walsh and it is a joy to read. It has M.O.D.O.K. which is total love but also Vladimir the sentient bomb is one of my favorite things ever. I’ll end up talking more on Secret Avengers at some point but right now I am on happy reading mode along with writing thanks to all this. I’m backlogged on comic books and novels in general right now but at least I’m making more headway into it. In turn I’m having a blast with the whole process, I’m a strange dude in this case but hey I’m happy with being a little off the wall.

Now I’m back into a steady groove of writing, exercising, reading, and I’m all the happier for it. Organization is a beautiful thing right now and I’m catching up with all the things right now. I went off a little there but I’m letting you all know how much fun I am having with catching up with everything. It’s so weird that catching up with comic books and catching up with everything can be so much fun but it strangely is. Life is getting even better from here now and comic books again are a big part of why things are getting more awesome.

The DC Comics Rumors and You: Support Your Books!

You hear about DC Comics being on and in an instant it becomes time to get a little nervous on comics internet. When you start hearing the rumors about DC cancelling titles and going back to a quote “meat and potatoes” style of comics, I see why people get concerned. Comics are a weird beast and DC Comics lost money with Convergence as even in my own comic store they got stuck with a lot of books. Then DC revealed the DC You movement and it piqued interest initially. DC Comics has burned a lot of fans though as the DC 52 rolled on and Convergence did an even bigger number on fans. DC You though has created good buzz for most of the line and in reading them I find that they’re all solid to great books. Yet it is not translating to sales as I research into this further. You get a lot of interest in #1 then tumbling down brutally as #2 hits. Usually there’s always a slight drop with #2 with a book but this is brutal to behold, which makes me wonder, what the heck happened?

Well for a lot of people it is DC Comics burn out. In dealing with DC Comics you realize that many readers got battle scarred from what they’ve done. As they’re moving forward in an overall stronger direction I feel as though people are still gun shy about DC Comics. This is why I’m saying if you’re out there reading this, support your books now. If you got a series that you’re digging talk about it as much as humanly possible. Talk up those books that you’re digging and get people curious about them. If you’re wondering which books to check out and since it mirrors my list of books check out Comicosity’s list of DC You books. I would say most of the books I’m reading are on this list and they are books that I can easily tell you to support.

I’m linking the sales info below too as I want you all to see for yourselves why I’m posting this. The best way to understand a lot of these rumors and what’s going on further is to look at the sales. It’s a time at DC Comics where things could be on the verge of being pretty cool and I’d love it to stay that way. Check out the Comicosity list of books you might dig, see the sales, and talk up your favorite books. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments feel free to fire me a line below. Take care everyone and support your books!

Source for Sales info if you’re curious for July 2015:

The Comic Catch Up Adventures: Divinity

As I hit my reading goal of 125 books for 2015 I realize there’s still a lot of reading left to do. So starts a new series here called The Comic Catch Up Adventures. Recently I read Gotham Academy vol. 1 that helped to get me caught up with that series. Now I finally read Divinity written by Matt Kindt, pencils by Trevor Hairsine, inks by Ryan Winn, and colored by David Baron, and released by Valiant Comics. I got this from my local library and it has been on my list of things to read for ages. Now that I have read Divinity, wow was it ever worth the wait. It’s one of the best examples of how to do a God-like character in a major universe. It dives into the history behind the character and why he is who he is. From point A to point B it all comes together and that’s pretty amazing to behold out of a comic. It also reads as a mini novel as the first two has it dives into the details of what makes our lead character tick and explains his powers. It’s all about the world building and Kindt knew he had a major concept to sell people on in the Valiant Universe and it was successful on every level.

Now why does the lead character work as well as he does? How is this different from all the other God-like mega powered characters done over the years? There’s humanity to the God. Abram Adams is such a fascinating study in character and how one who is so human becomes so powerful. From human to something entirely different, Kindt shows that evolution throughout the story. The best part being that throughout you have Trevor Hairsine unleashing art that shows how human he is and can show the power Adams unleashes once he hits full power. It’s extraordinary and compelling to see on the page. I fell for David Baron’s colors on this book too as I’ve always enjoyed Baron’s coloring but he outdid himself here.

Divinity is amazing and there’s a sequel coming out next year so look forward to that! As this is a spoiler free chat about it I have to say there is so much here that begs to be explored more. The trade is easy to get your hands on and likely even your local library probably has a copy ready to be checked out too. No matter what, go read Divinity and enjoy every last second of it.

My New Manga Addiction of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

I’ve been getting back into Manga lately and I’ve had one series in particular recommended to me, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki. Right now Viz Media is releasing the series in gorgeous hardcover format. After buying the third volume of the hardcovers I’ve started reading the series, oh my goodness it is awesome. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure tells the story of Jonathan Joestar and his rise to awesomeness. Okay that’s a little too basic but it fits here. Another subtitle would be Dio Brando is a jerk but you know, that would reveal way too much of the story to come. Hirohiko Araki’s writing is pure unfiltered fun to match his exaggerated but amazing art style. Some might be thrown off by how exaggerated it is but this was done in the 80’s and Araki was going for that as that exaggeration matched the nature of action movies of that day. Then add in that exaggerated style and then Araki throws the madness and you will gobble it up and want more. That’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as it stands in the Phantom Blood saga. I’m hooked, I’m so hooked you all have no idea. Of course if you follow me on twitter you know how hyper excited I’ve been over this right now. If you’ve made it this far in my ramble, onward to the rest of the show.

I’ve started on the second volume of Phantom Blood and it’s amazing where it has come from the first volume of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure saga. At first it starts off with a mild balance to it and then it grows into something completely different. You get a hint of it in a Stone Mask shown at the beginning of the first volume, that’s letting you know this is unlike anything you will ever see. It’s that electric energy of the Golden and Silver Age of comics into Manga and it is total bliss to read. The color work in the first volume by the way is gorgeous, the Stone Mask showcase has some awesome color in it. It’s so crazy to see how this series evolves in one volume and gets crazier from there. From a quiet beginning into the best kind of insanity, that’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for me.

If you’ve been in a bookstore or wandered online and seen these hardcovers, get on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure train. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has three volumes of Phantom Blood out already. You will enjoy yourself and you will have an amazing time in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Own these for yourself and embrace the glory!

Comics I want to read: The Marvel WCW Comics

Back in the days of young me I was one of those kids on Saturday and Sunday consuming all things WCW. Watched it all, WCW Power Hour, WCW Main Event, and of course WCW Saturday Night.  I was a Sting fan, Steiner Brothers fan, Big Van Vader, and of course Jushin Liger fan. Needless to say that I somehow missed there was a WCW comic out there back then I was shocked. I remember the first time I ever saw an issue in some used book shop and was amazed at the discovery. It came out back in 1992 for goodness sake so how did I miss this? It was published by Marvel and seriously how in the world did I miss this? At that point I decided I must find the whole series and read it all. It was only 12 issues so I figured it would be relatively cheap to find. Boy was I wrong in that assumption.

In any eBay search you do somehow the WCW books in a full run will somehow run you find it run the gamut. Sometimes you’ll find a full run for if you’re lucky $30.00 and mostly it veers into the crazy $75.00 range. You can find single issues for reasonable rates but have fun with the last bit of the series. I’m almost thinking it was a situation of a low print run but come on the series can’t be that wildly sought after that it can demand that crazy of prices right? Then again I paid way more than I care to admit for a run of Automatic Kafka once so I can’t say too much. I’d love to read all of the WCW series one of these days if I can find it for a reasonable price.

I still hunt on eBay occasionally to see if I can find a reasonably priced run but to no avail. One day I shall own this run and it will be glorious I say, glorious. Early 90’s WCW is a fascinating thing to behold as it is and seeing it in comic book form will be absolutely priceless.

My Adventures within the 2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge

You know there’s something fun and exciting about trying any kind of new challenge. When I was a kid I always enjoyed reading challenges and some sort of goal to beat or match. When I saw that Goodreads was doing a reading challenge for 2015 I decided, “Hey, this could be fun!” and I saw a few of my friends doing it so I figured I’d give it a go. I decided to add novels, graphic novels, and tpb’s to the list to discover new books and so forth. It’s been a blast as between my own buying and my local library I’m almost done with the challenge. I’ve discovered series I hadn’t read yet like Birthright, Ody-C, C.O.W.L. and so forth, mixed in with great graphic novels like The Sculptor. I’ve read some books that have been pretty blah and sometimes challenged myself with strange and fascinating reads. It’s been a cool ride and it’s almost over. I’ll do this again every year now as I really have enjoyed this challenge as it has kept me enjoying all sorts of great reading.  If you ever want to try out new books or challenge yourself I highly recommend doing the Goodreads challenge yourself.

Reading is fun and in turn a good challenge is a blast to keep the literature train rolling.