Comics I want to read: The Marvel WCW Comics

Back in the days of young me I was one of those kids on Saturday and Sunday consuming all things WCW. Watched it all, WCW Power Hour, WCW Main Event, and of course WCW Saturday Night.  I was a Sting fan, Steiner Brothers fan, Big Van Vader, and of course Jushin Liger fan. Needless to say that I somehow missed there was a WCW comic out there back then I was shocked. I remember the first time I ever saw an issue in some used book shop and was amazed at the discovery. It came out back in 1992 for goodness sake so how did I miss this? It was published by Marvel and seriously how in the world did I miss this? At that point I decided I must find the whole series and read it all. It was only 12 issues so I figured it would be relatively cheap to find. Boy was I wrong in that assumption.

In any eBay search you do somehow the WCW books in a full run will somehow run you find it run the gamut. Sometimes you’ll find a full run for if you’re lucky $30.00 and mostly it veers into the crazy $75.00 range. You can find single issues for reasonable rates but have fun with the last bit of the series. I’m almost thinking it was a situation of a low print run but come on the series can’t be that wildly sought after that it can demand that crazy of prices right? Then again I paid way more than I care to admit for a run of Automatic Kafka once so I can’t say too much. I’d love to read all of the WCW series one of these days if I can find it for a reasonable price.

I still hunt on eBay occasionally to see if I can find a reasonably priced run but to no avail. One day I shall own this run and it will be glorious I say, glorious. Early 90’s WCW is a fascinating thing to behold as it is and seeing it in comic book form will be absolutely priceless.

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