My Adventures within the 2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge

You know there’s something fun and exciting about trying any kind of new challenge. When I was a kid I always enjoyed reading challenges and some sort of goal to beat or match. When I saw that Goodreads was doing a reading challenge for 2015 I decided, “Hey, this could be fun!” and I saw a few of my friends doing it so I figured I’d give it a go. I decided to add novels, graphic novels, and tpb’s to the list to discover new books and so forth. It’s been a blast as between my own buying and my local library I’m almost done with the challenge. I’ve discovered series I hadn’t read yet like Birthright, Ody-C, C.O.W.L. and so forth, mixed in with great graphic novels like The Sculptor. I’ve read some books that have been pretty blah and sometimes challenged myself with strange and fascinating reads. It’s been a cool ride and it’s almost over. I’ll do this again every year now as I really have enjoyed this challenge as it has kept me enjoying all sorts of great reading.  If you ever want to try out new books or challenge yourself I highly recommend doing the Goodreads challenge yourself.

Reading is fun and in turn a good challenge is a blast to keep the literature train rolling.

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