My New Manga Addiction of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

I’ve been getting back into Manga lately and I’ve had one series in particular recommended to me, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki. Right now Viz Media is releasing the series in gorgeous hardcover format. After buying the third volume of the hardcovers I’ve started reading the series, oh my goodness it is awesome. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure tells the story of Jonathan Joestar and his rise to awesomeness. Okay that’s a little too basic but it fits here. Another subtitle would be Dio Brando is a jerk but you know, that would reveal way too much of the story to come. Hirohiko Araki’s writing is pure unfiltered fun to match his exaggerated but amazing art style. Some might be thrown off by how exaggerated it is but this was done in the 80’s and Araki was going for that as that exaggeration matched the nature of action movies of that day. Then add in that exaggerated style and then Araki throws the madness and you will gobble it up and want more. That’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as it stands in the Phantom Blood saga. I’m hooked, I’m so hooked you all have no idea. Of course if you follow me on twitter you know how hyper excited I’ve been over this right now. If you’ve made it this far in my ramble, onward to the rest of the show.

I’ve started on the second volume of Phantom Blood and it’s amazing where it has come from the first volume of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure saga. At first it starts off with a mild balance to it and then it grows into something completely different. You get a hint of it in a Stone Mask shown at the beginning of the first volume, that’s letting you know this is unlike anything you will ever see. It’s that electric energy of the Golden and Silver Age of comics into Manga and it is total bliss to read. The color work in the first volume by the way is gorgeous, the Stone Mask showcase has some awesome color in it. It’s so crazy to see how this series evolves in one volume and gets crazier from there. From a quiet beginning into the best kind of insanity, that’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for me.

If you’ve been in a bookstore or wandered online and seen these hardcovers, get on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure train. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has three volumes of Phantom Blood out already. You will enjoy yourself and you will have an amazing time in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Own these for yourself and embrace the glory!


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