The Adventures of Being Optimistic in The Land of Comic Book Internet

I’ve been in and around the Comic Internet scene for a long time now. I’ve lived and breathed comic books in one way or another for an eternity at this point. The thing is through it all I’ve never lost my inherent optimism for the comic book industry. I’ve seen pretty much everything and it takes a lot to really surprise me anymore and yet I am still hyper optimistic about comic books. I’ve seen people come and go, I’ve seen sites come and go, and seen many adventures along the way in Comic Book Internet. I’ve seen the skirmishes between people, the tweet battles, the back and forth, and ultimately the love that the Comic Book Internet land has to offer. I’ve seen people get into some of the most insane arguments online and yet find a way to become friends or at least agree to disagree. It’s interesting to watch as someone who’s been in and out of the Comic Internet adventures many times over. It’s why I’ve always remained optimistic about Comic Book Internet and where it can go in the future.

To me if you’re a blogger, writer for a site, or even just a fan, you’re part of Comic Book Internet and you’re all the more awesome for it. With any interaction I have online, with every piece I read about comic books and how to make them better, it makes me that much more happier in Comic Book Internet land. I see the fans uniting rather than dividing, I see people wanting to know more as to what they can do to make things better, and that excites me and yes, makes me more optimistic. I’ve never given up hope in the comic book internet scene, maybe I’ve gotten burnt out on occasion, but never stopped being optimistic about the scene. You’re all amazing people, you’re all awesome, and you all give me even more optimism than ever before.

It’s why as time goes forward I do want to find things that show my love of the medium and my level of optimism for it. Sure there’s things that need to improve but for the most part, we’re getting to place where things are getting awesome in comic books. The future looks bright, the future looks awesome, and that’s why my adventures in being optimistic in the land of Comic Book Internet will never stop being fun.

In conclusion: You are all amazing. Keep being awesome Comic Book Internet.


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columnist/reviewer at, geek culture examiner at and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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