Lost on Mars on a Sunday thanks to The Martian: A Chill Bloggity Thing

Today I decided to spend it mostly in the realm of a good book. Specifically The Martian by Andy Weir. In anticipation of the movie I decided it is time to read the book. I’m almost done with it actually as I only have about 100 or so pages left in it. It’s an amazing read and now I totally see why Matt Damon is the lead, he is so perfect for Mark Watney. It’s got everything I would want in a book, I’ve laughed many times as much as I’ve yelled out many expletives along the way. It’s one enthralling book and hopefully I should finish before Fear the Walking Dead tonight. Yes I’ve been doing more structured blogs here as of late but today I want to write and can’t think of anything so chill bloggity thing it is for you all. Besides I’ve been lost in a good book so I have a good reason for not being able to come with something on here today. As it is my personal blog I can play around with the format here and there.

I did play some more comic organization today too in the midst of my mega reading session today. I’ve been trying to cull down the collection a little. I find many books as I go through my adventure in my collection. In fact you all may laugh but on my Habitica page comic organization is high on that task list. Yes my Habitica is quickly becoming tailored to the land of me and hey it is my Habitica so I can make that kind of magic happen. My word is Habitica becoming my obsession to a point, if I feel I’m going to miss something I make sure I get it done. At least it is keeping me on point which is what ultimately matters here. Organization, getting writing done, reading, and all that fun stuff, hail Habitica.

That’s been my Sunday overall. I’ve been reading all day long and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Such a low key Sunday. Possibly the most low key Sunday I’ve had in a long while. I guess I needed it but I still kept on task and ultimately that is the big point of the day. Low key but get things done and that is huge right now. Now to continue being lost on Mars. Bye everyone!

About Wesley Messer

columnist/reviewer at rhymeswithgeek.com, geek culture examiner at examiner.com and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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