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The All-New All-Different Marvel Adventure with a Secret War in the Middle

Next week my friends, next week All-New All-Different (ANAD) Marvel begins and yes Secret Wars is still happening. Everyone and that person in the corner has made a Secret Wars joke with ANAD Marvel at this point so insert your own joke here. I’m torn about how much of this I’m really planning on checking out. The first week alone for ANAD Marvel is a packed house. Many new issues for people try with multitudes of characters involved. You have Avengers #0, Contest of Champions #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, Doctor Strange #1, All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 all hitting next week. All of these books were meant to hit after Secret Wars was over but you know things happen and now Secret Wars is hanging out in ANAD land. Add in some Star Wars books and a dash of What if? Infinity and you’re in for a party. Yet how invested am I going to get into this ANAD Adventure? That’s what I’m still figuring out.

It is funny when you read about all these books being the aftermath of Secret Wars when the darned event is still going. Not a joke just a funny thought. Anyway, I do say the one book that I do want to get is Doctor Strange #1. That’s a definite because it’s Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo on Doctor Strange. I get Doctor Strange, I get magic, and I get the Sorcerer Supreme carrying a giant battle ax. Seriously who wouldn’t think that was cool? Magician carrying massive battle ax screams awesome to me. As I say I am a simple man with simple tastes, magic and a giant battle ax and I’m sold.  Everything else is more on a case by case basis. Case by case basis being if someone tells me something is really cool I’ll probably check it out.

It’s weird to think about ANAD Marvel in the midst of the Secret Wars but here we are. So let me know if there is anything from the ANAD line you’re curious about. Marvel is on a strange journey and we’re watching it unfold before our very eyes.

Hello for Reading Cool Stuff and What Not in the Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/29/15

Today has been a cleaning day, whee for cleaning day. Even more special I got my flu shot so yay for flu shots! Yay for stuff and things and what not. That’s about been my day and so forth. I did finally read the Dark Knight Over Metropolis trade from DC Comics, that was a fun little story I have to say. I’d been wanting to read that for ages and I didn’t know that it started off with a neat little Art Adams drawn story, I liked that a lot. A lot of classic work was in there too, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, and so forth were all in there and it was a lot of fun. It even held up pretty well for the most part as it explains everything that is happening and happened before it really well. That was back in the day when they made a point to make every issue one that you could pick up at any point in time. Even the three part Dark Knight story in there was made to make sure you knew what was going on even with part two and three, I was impressed. I’m always impressed when even in part three of a story you can still figure out what the heck is happening, I applaud that.

It shows how comics have played with the formula more and more. I remember when I was getting into comics again how people were talking about a graphic novel format similar to a European publishing model. The European model being a giant album comic every few months or so or even once a year. Then again the American market is a place wired more towards single issues and then a trade. There are many books now that read better in a trade than they do in a single issue nowadays though. I have seen a rise in companies doing graphic novels and stories specifically meant to be serialized as a series of graphic novels. I like single issue comics, trades, and heck any format that involves comics in one way or another. Yep here’s another idea for a larger blog and article in its own right. Add this to the file.

Now that I got my TV in for the night which was Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Agents of SHIELD, I’m pretty set. Grandfathered was cute, better than I was expecting it would be. The cast is overall likable but the premise is not half bad really. John Stamos suddenly becoming a grandfather with a son and the son having a kid and then life gets weird for him. It’s a cool idea and I like how he’s a restaurant owner who’s also trying desperately to stay cool but really, he’s 50 and he’s now in the stage where he’s considered old. The other hand The Grinder with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, I really like this show. The idea of a guy who played an attorney going back home and deciding that maybe he could actually be a real attorney himself. It’s a clever concept and had many genuinely funny moments. Rob Lowe is great playing the actor coming back home and being this attorney working with his brother played by Fred Savage. Lowe and Savage work well off each other and I definitely see myself following this show on a long term basis.

Now Agents of SHIELD, oh man..that’s a post on its own. We’ll talk later on that one. This blog could go on all night at this point. I’ll catch up with you all later. Bye for now!

The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in This Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/28/15

Yes as you can tell I’ve been watching Portlandia today. I was happy that I got one major project off the ground that I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I’m so happy about his. We’re getting there on getting cool stuff done. Tomorrow though it is flu shot day, yippie skippy! Though I did reserve Area X collecting a trilogy of Jeff Vandermeer books that caught my eye. I saw it at the library today and didn’t think of it, so I put it on hold and it is waiting for me. So tomorrow is flu shot and library, yeehaw! I am one exciting person though at least tomorrow I can now catch up on other things  on my backlog so hey tomorrow will be a reading day likely enough, oh heck yes! As most of my writing lately in one way or another involves reading catch up, yeah it’ll be a reading day tomorrow. Let’s make it happen!

Yeah this is such a lackluster chill bloggity thing tonight but overall it was a fairly low key day. Got some stuff done, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I saw Gotham tonight and I really am going to have to write something more solid on Gotham. I really am going to have to write something detailed on Gotham as the second season is off the charts crazy town. The first season of Gotham suffered from bouncing from plot to plot with no real focus and now this season has a deadly serious focus. I love what they’re doing and this season is making me happy and curious to see what they do next. Gotham is my show where I treat is as though it is an alternate universe and I enjoy the experience the show gives me. My rule is if I’m having fun then it can’t be all bad.

There will likely be a lot of TV talk on this blog this week, I can fully tell you that. Between reading catch up and general TV, yeah this blog is going to be heavily all over the place. TV talk will be fun though and I’m looking forward to diving into some good old fashioned TV chatting this week. Wow I also managed to get more out of this blog tonight than I thought I would. Yay for expanding upon my thoughts at the last second as this could have been on low content blog tonight.

Anyway, signing off for now, enjoy the rest of the evening! Laters!

A Thought Process on Out of Print Comic Collections and The Options to Get These Books

I woke up this morning to a question about why certain collections at DC Comics go out of print. Especially ones with Barry Allen, Wonder Woman, and other characters that you think would never go out of print. That’s something I’ve always pondered too as I remember seeing the Secret Six books for example go out of print for a long time until the new collections. Sometimes certain books go out of print because they’re planning a deluxe edition of a book, new collections adding more material, omnibuses, and sometimes a book just goes out of print for no good reason. It’s the same with Marvel too. Heck if it is a book that doesn’t have a wide appeal and gets reprinted, I’d recommend getting that as it will end up going out of print. The really niche stuff that gets reprinted I find goes out of print before you know it. Don’t even get me started on Humanoids, seriously that company if you don’t pre-order those suckers they’re out of print faster than you can blink. Seems to me they’re trending more towards digital collections nowadays though so at least that much, that’s cool at least.

For most collections at a comic company, they’re pretty much a lock to stay in print for awhile. Now with Marvel and DC there’s usually the HC (Hardcover) then after awhile the TPB (Trade Paperback) hits after that. Now with most books say Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, and so forth, they will never ever go out of print. Same with Marvel as they have their collections that will never go out of print too, Civil War for example. Of course the one factor with DC and Marvel is they both do have robust digital options that if you don’t mind a digital copy of a book, you can get it that way. Marvel has Marvel Unlimited so you can also read a lot of out of print stuff that way too. Same with most companies now if you can’t get a certain book in print, you can usually get it digitally via Comixology, Amazon, or other digital comic selling companies out there.

At least now there are ways to get books that are out of print. Back in the day if a book fell out of print you were going to be doing some hunting. Heck there are still many books that aren’t available digitally so you still have to do some hunting for certain series out there. Good luck in your out of print trade hunting adventures, hopefully I made it a little easier. A good question on twitter led to me writing this and was this ever a fun thought process to go on.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Premiere: The Dark Swan Rises

Welcome to Once Upon a Time Season 5! The Dark Swan rises and wow this is going to be a season by golly. I’ve been curious about this season as turning one of your main characters dark in a show is always a little weird. Turning a character good can have the same effect in a show. Emma Swan as The Dark One was going to be a touchy proposition for the show to deal with. How dark can you let one of your characters go, especially one such as Emma Swan? Apparently if the season premiere is any indication, they’re prepared to take this farther than I expected. I’m interested though it is still going to take a lot to match up to my favorite season of Once Upon a Time, The Peter Pan season which was one of the strongest stories of Once Upon a Time in my opinion. Though there are a few things that are concerning to me in the coming season of Once Upon a Time and I really hope in the coming weeks that the issues I have don’t become major ones.

First issue being that the show is doing another memory wipe story line. Come on Once Upon a Time, another memory wipe really? You can only go to that well so often and Once Upon a Time is going back to that well. I did like how they did Emma Swan as Dark Emma but I know they’re going to be pushing how far she can do and still be a likable lead character. I did notice that Zelena is going to be a main character this year and oh I don’t envy the show on this front. Now they’re going to have to get you to like her more, this is going to be tough as nails to do. Regina had a portrayal that paved her way to redemption pretty well, Zelena hasn’t had any of those kind of moments. This is going to be a tough season on many fronts this year.

I will say that I really enjoyed seeing Merida in the show and how Camelot is going to play into the series. I really like these things. Merida was especially a joy as it is straight up the Pixar Brave Merida and it fits well into the universe. Yes I know she’s not a fairy tale character but heck with it Once Upon a Time has Victor Frankenstein in the universe so all bets are off. It’s not a terrible beginning for Once Upon a Time by any means but definitely going to be one to keep a cautious eye on. There’s good elements here but some annoying old tropes came back for Once Upon a Time this time around. We’ll know more next week. If next week is a strange ride, man this is going to be one odd season for Once Upon a Time.

The Night of the Comic Book Catch-Up: Finally Read The Island No. 1-3 Part One

Good freaking lord it took me long enough to read The Island huh? I’ve had issues 1-3 chilling in my pile for awhile and today I finally got to reading them all. I’ll say this for it that the concept is so fun and I can easily say I was never bored at any point in the issue. When Brandon Graham and Emma Rios are the ones heading this with other talents doing work in the issue, yeah you’re going to get a good time. Out of the first two issues I would say Brandon Graham, Emma Rios, and Simon Roy had my favorite stories. I really liked Kelly Sue DeConnick’s text piece in #1, so sweet and powerful. They were all so crazy different but interesting and captivated me the entire time. There really wasn’t a bad story in the lot though so I like that about The Island that overall it has a lot of variety. I say Issue 3 had my favorite mix of stories, so many cool creators I got introduced to here, I loved it to death!

While LUDROE’s piece wasn’t my favorite of the three issues, there is so much energy that I can’t hate it. Like I said there is nothing in the three issues of The Island. Though #3 as I said in the last paragraph fired on all cylinders story wise. I’m going to end up having to detail further my thoughts on The Island later as I think I’m finding I have more to say on it than even I imagined even for the Comic Book Catch-Up pieces here. Keep an eye out as there could be a more detailed look at more of this series to come. As I really am digging this series, likely it’ll end up on my pull list at my comic store officially when I get there this week. I want to support a series like this so by golly that’s what I aim to do with The Island from here on out.

Pretty much expect a much more detailed thought process on The Island later as I really do want to talk this up more. So hey consider this part one of a larger adventure into The Island. It is my blog and I make the rules! I am a wild and crazy kind of guy like that. Look forward to more about The Island to come, probably in the next blog. Till then! Thanks for reading.

In Reading Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man: Say Hello to Humor and Heartbreak

Ant-Man Vol. 1 Second-Chance Man Cover

So today I somehow forgot it was National Comic Book Day, wow I’m shocked honestly. Yet I had some time so I decided to kick back and relax with Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man by writer Nick Spencer, artist Ramon Rosanas, and colorist Jordan Boyd. Here’s the best part about reading this in trade, it really does gel together as a full story collected. Scott Lang as Ant-Man has a tale that warms your heart and by the end breaks your heart. I’m trying to be careful as to not spoil much for you but it is a sweet story that has so much heart behind it. Nick Spencer does an amazing job of making Scott Lang a fully fleshed out character, this is one of the best spotlights for him. It goes through every bit of Ant-Man history in one way or another too, especially as it comes to Lang starting his own business venture. You even get to know more about his ex-wife and his genuinely cool friendship with his daughter Cassie. It’s got family drama, superhero adventure, and really Ant-Man Vol.1: Second-Chance had it all and left me really caring for Scott Lang for the first time in a long time.

I liked Scott Lang in his FF time with Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, yet Nick Spencer got Scott Lang clicking for me. His take on him got me. In fact so much so that I’m now going to be making a point to finish up Superior Foes of Spider-Man as soon as possible, Spencer’s Ant-Man is just that good. It’s a rare comic that makes me get a genuine laugh out of situations as much as it gets me to feel for the character. Even more is that this is such a fluid take on Ant-Man as to how the character moves about in the world. Ramon Rosanas is so good with fluid movement and capturing the action on the page. Just as much as he captures the emotions flowing from Spencer’s script at points. I loved Jordan Boyd’s coloring on this too, it sets such a mood. The final page of issue 5 especially has such a sense of gut punching you with the color choices, art, and the Scott’s mood by the end, heartbreaking and powerful work. Stay for the humor, enjoy the characterization, and it makes all the emotions that much more powerful.

Now that we got the aspects of the comic out of the way that broke and also lightened my heart, let’s get into some of the small stuff in the comic that caught my eye. One I love Scott Lang’s Ant-Man costume. It’s got a great look to it keeping the classic Ant-Man design while tweaking with it enough to make Scott Lang’s Ant-Man truly unique. I really liked that and kept with the motif that since this guy was once a thief and does security work, he would want a costume that he could function in. I also like as he gets his business started the characters he works with. Grizzly and Machinesmith are a riot and become great characters in their own right as the issues go on. I can’t wait to see what the new Ant-Man series holds when it releases and now I’m sold on it thanks to this new trade. Now I need to read the Annual and the Last Days of Ant-Man story as I’m hooked and want more before the new series hits.

Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man is great and you can get it via your local comic store, bookstore, Comixology, Amazon, and you don’t want to miss it. This is some good comic reading and a book that genuinely moves you while making you laugh all at the same time.

Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/24/15 or Still Processing Heroes Reborn

I was out a good chunk of today but that’s alright as it was pretty fun today overall. Got to hit up a used bookstore and find a couple things I’d been looking for for a bit. More cool comic books I got my hands on today. The comics I found were the first three issues of the 8House series by Brandon Graham and the six issue series The Last One by J.M. Dematteis and Dan Sweetman. Can’t wait to start on those but it may be a tiny bit as I want to start reading other books before that, oh my backlog, the reading adventures are going to be powerful ones in the days to come. Oh the joy of being a reader, we can’t help but have epic stacks of books on our hands. Of course I didn’t get a ton of reading done today as the streaming and television universe awaited me as I got home.

Yes today seemed to become my TV day though after I got home because I ended up finishing Longmire today which begged to get another season on Netflix after the ending. Seriously, that ending of Longmire, I better get another season darn it. Then I saw Heroes Reborn tonight and I am happy it is back. It’s strange and I can tell it is using the foundation of the old to build into new directions. The show this time around is focused on the new Heroes or as they’re called here EVO’s and the old ones are popping up here and there in the series. It’s a changed world and it is decidedly different. I can see though that in this stage it is trying to work the old Heroes magic and hopefully it can capture it. The new people are solid overall though the video game segments in there were a little odd show wise. It didn’t totally take me out of the show but it kind of gave me a Snow Crash vibe as to how the real world interacted with the virtual one. Overall though, solid start and looking forward to next week.

Now I am going to chill for the rest of the night as tomorrow shall be a fun and exciting day ahead! Till tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading and bye for now!

The Reading Adventure Day One: Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger

Girl in Dior NBMAs I play catch up through my backlog of reading in my reading adventures I start with Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger. I happened to see this on display as I was about to leave the library and decided to pick it up. See @KatieScarlett94 was talking about it on twitter as she got it at SPX so I got curious. Today was a laundry day so I had some time to burn and decided to read it. Wow was that a good decision on my part as Girl in Dior is amazing, amazing I tell you! It’s about Clara who ends up getting into Christian Dior’s first fashion show to write about it in 1947. Then through events ends up becoming one of his models and what follows is one magical journey. It’s mesmerizing to read as Goetzinger uses the actual events surrounding Christian Dior and his company and talks about the history of it. Clara herself is fictional but she’s the guide to the amazing story. I saw Goetzinger’s art initially and fell in love as the art is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously if the art doesn’t at least get you curious, the story will end up hooking you. I’ve never followed fashion but with a story as good as this, you can’t help but get compelled.

What’s cool about this book is after you’re finished you have all the research Goetzinger did going into this. You can learn more about Christian Dior and his fashion after the fact. Not going to lie I am a little curious. Girl in Dior explores the personalities and process that goes into getting everything together. You see what 1947 was like in the fashion world and what a time of transition it was. That caught my eye as I wasn’t really familiar with that side of things. I like learning and that caught my attention. Clara herself as such a likable character gets you invested that much more in the world. Then you learn about Christian Dior and get an idea of what he was like, it’s really cool. I loved every moment of this comic and it is a read to get lost in. Between a lovely story and excellent art, you can’t help but feel time pass by as you read through Girl in Dior.

If you’re curious in getting it for yourself it is published by NBM Publishing and you can get it from Amazon, local comic store, Comixology, bookstores, and likely even your local library. Read it and see you what you think. I’m glad I got to read this and hope when you all out there read it you’ll enjoy it too.

The Reading Adventure Stage One: Catching up on my Book Backlog

I have a massive book backlog, it’s unreal to be blunt with you. I think anyone who enjoys reading as a book backlog like no other. We see books, we get or borrow books, and then we have giant stacks of reading material. If you’re a digital reader you have even more of a backlog, and I’m both so my backlog is pretty insane right now. Now with the handy dandy help of the Habitica I am now going to use that to cut down on my book backlog. It’s something I need to do and it’ll fuel more creativity out of me so book backlog and comic backlog, cut down! Besides it’ll give me more to write about on my journey to cut down on my backlog and it’ll give you hints as to what I want to write about in the future, fun for everyone right? Right! So what will be on my list for the Backlog of fun and wonderment? Onwards to talk more about The Reading Adventure!

Well soon one long project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is going to happen so that’ll be part of my book backlog really soon and will be a lot of fun. I also have the Super Powers collections I got recently so those are on the list too. I’m going to be reading a lot of Rom and Super Powers very soon. I’m going to be so toyetic it is unreal. I am going to be the most toyetic human being on the planet but goodness all of this reading is going to be a lot of fun and I’m so excited!

On another front I’m going to read the Aama books I got. I have Vol. 1-4 of Aama by Frederik Peeters and I’m going to be reading that immediately. I’ve been looking forward to this one as it caught my eye on Amazon and I got enough recommendations to make me want to get that. Seriously that was the most eclectic Amazon order ever and Aama was the most cohesive thing on the list as most everything else was all over the place which is awesome.

So I’ll have Rom, Super Powers, and Aama on my radar. I also want to read more of my library haul, I got a book Girl in Dior that looks interesting so I’ll be checking that out soon. I also want to read the Felicia Day and Daniel Bryan books I have as well. Yes I have a mega crazy library haul, what can I say but I like books.

So welcome to the start of my Reading Adventure to be updated periodically here on the old bloggity. Enjoy the adventure with me! Chronicling a catch up that shall be glorious. I shall be victorious!