The Warm Up Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/3/15 or I’m Blocked, I Write Now

Since I actually got some strange hits on here for my last Chill Bloggity Thing, I’ll keep writing them as you all seem to like it. It helps me warm up writing wise as I do laundry so here we are. I got back from the Library and came back with the Daniel Bryan book, DC One Million Omnibus, and Willow on Blu-Ray. I didn’t know my library got the Daniel Bryan book actually so that was a nifty freaking treat, I was excited to say the least. After that I saw this local bakery and deli Servati’s had a Geotta Sandwich and oh my gosh I was so happy. I love Geotta which is for those outside of Cincinnati is a blend of meat (usually pork), pin-head oats, and spices and trust me it is amazing, it is freaking amazing. I got the breakfast sandwich as I was over there at the period where it isn’t quite lunch but still breakfast so I went with the breakfast version of the sandwich. Oh my goodness you all, the Geotta Sandwich was so many levels of awesomeness. Awesomeness on freaking overdrive. Even got a fresh fruit cup and cookies so I call that a winner if I ever heard one.

For today I have writing to work on, my Habitica page is a truck load of to-do projects on this end. I also finally want to watch Birdman so I plan on doing that in a bit. Maybe after I get the first draft of something I’m working on done and then Birdman will be my reward. I even get my manga delivery today! That is what I am talking about. I swear these random blogs here or as I call them now my chill bloggity things are so much fun for me to write. If you all enjoy my rambles about my day and my writing warm ups, do feel free to write a comment if you like. Say hi, give me a robotic battle suit, or something something pony, whatever you deem fit. Now that we got the writing muscles all relaxed and so forth, it is time to get going with the writing adventures. Onwards to victory!

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