The Friday Night Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/4/15

Today was comic book catch up day wonderland! Late last night was Midnighter catch up and today was Constantine: The Hellblazer catch up. Now what did I think of both series? My dear lord I loved both of them so much for different reasons. Midnighter is a series that captures why Midnighter is such a great character. Even setting up the most hilarious friendship with Grayson. Then you have Constantine: The Hellblazer which makes me wish that the TV series had more of what this comic has. It’s the best mesh of DC Constantine and Vertigo Constantine all in one. That’s a good way to put it and it works well. If you’re not reading Midnighter or Constantine right now, holy crap change that now. Change it, you’ll be a better person for it at the end of the day. Two awesome books that are well worth your time.

I also read One Punch Man vol. 1 today which I’ll have more to say later once I read vol. 2. I think that’ll be expanded into a bigger piece as I have much to say on the glory and wonder that is One Punch Man. I’ve been reading more into the DC One Million Omnibus which I do say is a lot of fun reading in one massive chunk. It’s pretty addicting reading and holds up pretty well. I do adore the Batman design of the Justice Legion A more and more as I read the story. It was cool to see Bryan Hitch be the artist on the Green Lantern 1,000,000 book too. It’s neat to take a look back at these stories. I never read all of the DC One Million stuff back then so I’m discovering a major chunk of a story in the process too. The Young Justice 1,000,000 story though holds up insanely well and if any of you are at all curious about it, read the stories. If you’re a big Superboy, Impulse, and Tim Drake Robin fan, you will adore the Young Justice 1,000,000 story.

After I finished a Midsomer Murders I saw that the Arrow Season 4 trailer was posted, I’m pretty hopeful for the season to come. It was cool to see that little snippet of Constantine in there. Season 3 of Arrow was a mess. It was all over the place tonally but enjoyable for the most part. Season 4 looks promising from the trailer though Diggle’s new outfit is a mixed bag, insert obvious Magneto joke here. Oh and here’s the trailer below and see what you think for yourselves.

With that I shall end my Chill Bloggity Thing for the night. I’ve been mostly working on side projects today and that’s been about it outside of general reading. Onwards to Saturday!

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