The Late Hour Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/5/14 or Wesley vs. The Demolition Derby

Today has actually been productive overall. I’ve been writing pretty frequently today and catching up on reading too. I call it a win for the day overall. Probably could have gotten more done today but heck there is always tomorrow so I can play catch up on a few things then. Until tomorrow though but for now tonight was as you read the title, a night I attended a demolition derby. I haven’t been to one of these since I was way younger. My Dad and I went to that one too and we saw that this one was happening tonight so we decided to make a point to go. Heck if anything I hang out with my Dad for a bit so it’s a win win either way. It was an unique night as one it started raining and it delayed things for about an hour or so. Hilariously disorganized though as you witness how out of whack everything got after the delay. Then again the rest of the Demolition Derby adventure was…stranger after that.

First off, it was cute to see that they had a section set for kids to use Power Wheels to race on the track a bit. After the rain delay they got to go out and they had themselves a good old time. Their poor batteries though were running out at light speed so they went around and simulated a low speed bumper car adventure. I didn’t know they still made Power Wheels actually. As for the Demolition Derby itself, kind of reminded me of a low speed version of the Demolition Derby game on PS1. Part of me also started thinking of Twisted Metal and some games I was in. You would be one player fighting against all these cars but the other car keeps running away. That was this Demolition Derby for the first two races and it was hilarious to watch.

The first race was low key and no one really cared much. The second race the crowd was losing their minds. People were booing, chanting, and losing their entire minds. The nice Sheriff Deputies made their presence more known during that point in the Derby. As the crowd got louder until the last race which was actually kind of fun as these cars looked like Demolition Derby cars. They were Stock Car Pickup sort of things and they looked as though they were pieced together enough to be part of a Demolition Derby. It was fascinating to me to watch this. I was looking at it as a sort of strategy to see how these drivers would figure out how to win. Heck after the crowd lost their minds booing after the second bit, the crowd was eager for anything. That last bit of the Derby was fun and it was neat to see how my Dad was getting into it and explaining more of it to me. I liked that a lot as I could only slightly keep up in the last bit but enjoying the time spent with my Dad.

So that was my Saturday night and it was pretty nice overall. Hope you all don’t mind that I went on a bit with a Demolition Derby bit but hey, it is my Chill Bloggity Thing. The Chill Bloggity Things are me just talking about my day. Thanks for reading and have a good one, take care!


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