The Chill Bloggity Thing of 9/6/15 or Finally Saw Big Hero 6 and Rio!

Even more comic book catch up was to be had today. It’s been a DC Comics heavy kind of day. Starfire 1,2, and 3 were on the agenda along with All Star Section Eight, Secret Six, and Justice League 3001. Yes so much DC Comic reading was done it was unreal. Of course I have to balance it out with something Marvel being Big Hero 6. While the animated movie is only loosely based off of the Big Hero 6 comic, it was so much fun to watch. Big Hero 6 is so sweet and action packed that it whammies you with more than a few surprises. Big Hero 6 has a lot of gut punch moments that will serve to break your heart and then you’ll be smiling by the end of the film. It’s such a genuinely lovely film, I could find myself watching it again at some point.  Excellent animation with a fun story make Big Hero 6 my perfect compliment to my heavy comic reading day.

Bonus movie time was me watching Rio 2 finally as I enjoyed the first movie but just now got to see the sequel. I found myself overall enjoying that film. It was a nice way to follow up the joy that Big Hero 6 gave me. Two wonderful animated films and also now I’m hyped for Peanuts coming up in November. Bring it on Peanuts, please be a good movie, pretty please! I’m finally watching trailers for The Martian now too since I got done reading the book and man am I excited for that movie. It comes out over my birthday weekend so The Martian would be a perfect film to watch over that weekend. It seems like it’ll be a film perfect for the big screen.

Two movies I’ve been meaning to watch, a good bit of comic book catch up, and this is what I call a good Sunday. I even got some extra writing done today. A win for me indeed! Time to settle in and see what the rest of the night has in store for me. Take care and hope everyone is doing well out there!

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