Wow Jeff Parker’s Justice League United Run is a Blast!

Justice League United #11 Cover

I’m having one of my comic book reading moments where somehow I missed a thing. I missed a cool thing. I’ve only read the first trade of Jeff Lemire’s run on Justice League United and dug the heck out of it. I’d been hearing about Jeff Parker’s run on the book and I read the preview talking about how it is using everyone and everything in the DC Universe. That intrigued me but didn’t totally sell me on it yet. I was reading other books too and this week with a few clearances in my pull list it was time to take the Justice League United plunge. Man alive was I rewarded with such a cool reading experience. It’s got that nice mix of unpredictability with anyone in the DC Universe able to be part of the team mixed in with endless weird. That is my cup of tea. Lots of weird, lots of fun, and a whole lot of unpredictability. It’s a nice amount of weird DC comics that you don’t see that often anymore. A superhero book that isn’t afraid to go into the realms of the strange and wonderful, heck yes Jeff Parker!

The overall concept of Adam Strange being stuck inside a Zeta Beam and floating around with Alanna Strange running point for the team is cool. It’s how the concept of all these DC Universe characters come into play. Adam Strange can see the threats and uses Alanna to communicate those threats to the team. It’s how we learn of the Breakers and why they have to be dealt with. They’re able to break things in time and space and cause a lot of havoc. So many cool ideas and why the teams that come together are seemingly random but fit any given situation they get summoned for.

When your first team is The Demon Etrigan, Mera, Poison Ivy, new hero Equinox, and Swamp Thing, it’s oddball but it works. They’re dealing with this new threat of the Breakers. Hence why the strange team I mention works. You see where the unique abilities of each member fits into the overall puzzle and ultimate solution to the battle at hand. It’s so cool and beautifully rendered, thanks to the amazing art team of Travel Foreman and Jeromy Cox. Drooling over gorgeous art, a new villain idea and inventive stories, I’m a happy reader right now. In #11 and #12 so many things happen and that’s what I love about this so far.

Of course what got me curious about this was #13. DC and World War II stories are usually pretty strong. Adding in the Breaker concept into the mix and you get a good time. The team for this one is Vandal Savage, Stargirl, Steel, Robot Man, and Batgirl. Really random but already in this issue you see where they start to fit. By the way, I am a sucker for Vandal Savage in anything so him on a team for a short while makes me happy. So far so good and Paul Pelletier is a cool artist for this World War II adventure along with Rob Hunter’s inks and Jeromy Cox’s great coloring. Pelletier has always been an artist I’ve dug anyway so him on a WWII adventure already has me sold.

I cannot believe I nearly missed out on Justice League United this time around but I’m in for the long haul. Sign me up for the rest of the journey immediately! Oh DC Comics, you are winning me over once more slowly but surely.


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