It’s a Chill Bloggity Thing kind of night for 9/10/2015 or Steam may rule my Life

Low key is the name of the game today.

Holy crap was today low key so maybe I needed it likely enough. After yesterday of making up for lost blogging time, I didn’t get too much else done. There is always tomorrow, though tomorrow shall be the day of laundry, yay day of laundry, the excitement of laundry! For tonight there shall be writing to be had in between my new mobile gaming addictions. Alphabear is my mobile gaming addiction mixed in with this 80’s Wrestling Card game that is amazing. It is a blast of retro explosion card gaming and it’s done like a wrestling simulator. It’s so much fun and I’ve spent many hours with it so far, between that and Alphabear. A word game and a card game and that is my addiction right now and even better, they’re free to play so whoohoo!

Of course then I learned that Final Fantasy V is coming to Steam, this could get dangerous. I’m excited for this game as the little bit of FFV I’ve played I’ve loved to death so this is going to be yet another addicting thing for me. Either it’ll addict me and I’ll write about it endlessly here or you’ll not see me and in that case someone poke at me to make sure I’m not lost in Final Fantasy. My Habitica would be yelling at me if it could speak. I’d have no RPG health bar and that would make me a sad panda. If I do succumb to FFV in a couple weeks, I’l make a point to limit myself as by golly, I got things to do outside of getting lost in the wonderland of Steam.

I did hear about this game called Dropsy the Clown that is so tempting. It’s an old school adventure game and it sounds so wonderful. I love the art style in the game from the videos I’ve seen so I’m pretty curious about it. I’m trying to avoid that temptation but holy crap is it ever and I mean ever tempting. FFV and an old school adventure game like Dropsy the Clown would guarantee that I’d possibly fall off the face of the Earth into the land of Steam or GOG, depending on the day. Yes I like comics and PC Gaming, this gets dangerous on many fronts.

Ah the quiet Thursday night, a wonderful thing indeed. Not much happening, not much going on, and a lovely time had by all. I shall be reading and so forth for the rest of the evening. Catch you all later!


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