Huzzah! Longmire is back on Netflix and so far, Amazing!

A series I’ve always enjoyed since it started on A&E was Longmire. It was a good series on there and sometimes the pacing could be hit or miss but overall a solid show. There were parts of the series that suffered from we need to do something to pad out the season but still I liked it. It got solid ratings, people seemed to dig it, yet A&E cancels it because of demographics and it didn’t own the show. It’s a weird thing in TV nowadays that your show could get good ratings but if the Network doesn’t own the show or get the right demographics, you will be canceled. Longmire had that sort of thing happen but boy did it ever rebound thanks to Netflix. It started on September 10th and you know from the first episode, I am so excited to see what the rest of the series holds.

No spoilers by the way as if you’re a Longmire fan you need to experience this and if not, well Netflix does make it easy to catch up. So far what I love about Season 4 is the fact that it is pushing the characters in powerful directions. After the amazing and dark ending of Season 3, Season 4 uses that to push everyone into interesting and daring new territory. We even have an overarching big bad for goodness sake in Longmire, that’s awesome! I’m so enthralled and this is after one episode. One episode of the new season of Longmire and I’m already hooked, ah I love having a new Netflix addiction in the making.

Yet I’m not planning on binge watching the show. Nope, no binge watching. I can watch Longmire at my own pace and I know that I won’t get spoiled on anything major. Daredevil I couldn’t stop watching because it was just so good and because the spoilers were out there. Longmire is a show that has a great fanbase and also doesn’t spoil everything the instant it happens. I can take my time with Longmire and Daredevil I had to make a point to avoid the spoiler theater that was twitter, tumblr, and the like. Thank you courteous fanbase!

The plan for Longmire for me is probably every other day or so, depending on what is going on. It’s great to know that when I do get to watch more, it’ll be an amazing experience. Welcome back Longmire, you have been missed.


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