Marvel Unlimited, You and I are Going to be Pals

Thanks to my new phone I’ve been diving back into Marvel Unlimited again. Even on my Samsung Galaxy S6 it is amazing. Mobile Marvel Unlimited is way better than PC Marvel Unlimited let me tell you. I used my Desktop and now Laptop for Marvel Unlimited and it’s not near as intuitive. Marvel Unlimited on my mobile smartphone though is a wonderful experience. I like Comixology on PC or Mobile but Marvel Unlimited I veer way more to the Mobile than I do the PC experience. Yes I still prefer reading a paper copy but for some stuff, Marvel Unlimited works well for me. Now that I’m back into it I can already see where my late nights are going outside of my Alphabear and 80’s wrestling card gaming addiction.

Today I read two Incredible Hulk comics, the Incredible Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom one-shot and an issue of the Hulk involving M.O.D.O.K. because M.O.D.O.K. and it’s a great reading experience. The S6 screen is large enough for a good reading experience. I wouldn’t mind having an android tablet one day for it but the S6 is groovy for what I need at this stage. It’s comfortable and bigger than the S2 I had been using for Marvel Unlimited at one point. My touch screen on my old phone was getting glitched up anyway so this is a much better and smoother experience. Man alive is it ever a smoother experience.

Yes Marvel Unlimited and I are going to be pals and totally best friends. I am one happy comic reader right now. Now to play a ridiculous amount of catch up in the weeks to come.

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