Mary Jane Watson comes to Invincible Iron Man: The Hilarious Rage Fest Begins

Special Note: One of my initial titles for this blog post was “Could Tony ❤ Mary Jane?”, that was too click bait for my tastes though. Way too click bait for my tastes.

Yes, starting in Invincible Iron Man #4 Mary Jane Watson joins the cast of the Brian Bendis written series. Brian Bendis is bringing Mary Jane Watson to the Iron Man universe. How she’ll be interacting with Tony is still unknown but say what you want, it is a new thing that Marvel is doing. I’m personally game for it as I want to see what Bendis will end up doing with Mary Jane in the world of Tony Stark. Everyone is already assuming relationship and I do think Bendis is assuming that too. Come December I get the feeling there will be a surprise in store. Either way, things are going to get hilarious. I would crack up if it was a relationship because my lord the rage coming out of that would be hilarious.

Marvel knows the fanbase well at this point. Heck Bendis knows the fanbase and he knows that people are going to be raging. Heck Dan Slott has been used to the rage fest with Spider-Man for ages and Bendis has dealt with raging on his end for a long time too. People are now going to be looking at Invincible Iron Man even more now. Already this humble #4 of a new series is helping Invincible Iron Man gain more steam and that book has a lot going for it anyway. Mary Jane Watson joining the cast adds even more interest to the series which Marvel is all for.

Mary Jane Watson doesn’t bother me at all and I’m glad Marvel is doing something this odd, as I said it’s different and I dig that. I understand the rage but there’s no need for rage. It’s Bendis adding a member to Invincible Iron Man and before the rage quits begin, wait and see how this plays out. Yes I do find the rage funny and I’m not going to hide it. Just because I understand doesn’t mean I don’t find it hilarious. Relax and see what happens. December is only a few months away and we’ll all get to see for ourselves how Mary Jane Watson impacts the Invincible Iron Man world.

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