DC Comics: Please Get a Marvel Unlimited Style Service, That Would Rock

In going through Marvel Unlimited and seeing what all they have I realize that DC Comics needs this kind of service in a big way. For a decent period of time I was a huge DC fan, I was buying about 90 percent DC Comics at one point. Now my buying is much more spread out but for awhile I was mostly a big DC fan. There’s a lot of Marvel I didn’t get to read and Marvel Unlimited has been huge in catching me up with periods of comics I missed. Heck there are books from the few years I didn’t read comics that I hadn’t gotten to read. Now with people digging Marvel Unlimited, why hasn’t DC Comics figured out a way to do this too? It would be amazing! DC has such a ridiculous library of books that people would be getting a DC Comics Unlimited style service day one. So many years of comics in the DC Library and it begs for DC Comics to get on the Marvel Unlimited style train.

DC Comics has so many periods of comics to play with between the Multiverse, Vertigo Comics, and the main DC line, people could spend days in that. With Marvel Unlimited already people are spending time getting to know all the Marvel stories and people would do the same for DC Comics, it would generate so much interest. Considering DC has Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, and more on the way, this would be perfect! People getting to learn more about the different characters involved in these movies. Easy way to get people hooked into Suicide Squad too. You have Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl on TV and even more opportunities to get people hooked into a DC Unlimited style service, so much comic history!

I hope one day that DC Comics does do an unlimited service. DC Comics Unlimited does have a nice ring to it, though I know they could come up with better. It would be so cool to see. The day DC does this unlimited style service I will be so excited because a DC Comics Netflix would rock on so many levels.

About Wesley Messer

columnist/reviewer at rhymeswithgeek.com, geek culture examiner at examiner.com and general jack of all trades in everything else.

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