DC Cancellation Report: Five Books Ending in 2015 and Ideas on How to Save the Rest

As those of us reading the reports of what’s been going on at DC lately feared, yes five books are ending in December 2015. Those books are Justice League United, Lobo, Doomed, Gotham by Midnight, and The Omega Men. I’ve personally been reading Justice League United and Gotham by Midnight and it is such a shame. I was actually planning on getting into The Omega Men but sadly it is now ending. Oh man, it’s sad to lose your favorite titles. Yet I would say I have the biggest connection to Gotham by Midnight as I had been reading that from the start and really liked it. I did dig the first trade of Jeff Lemire’s run with Mike McKone on Justice League United and made a point to check out Jeff Parker’s run on JLU this week. Now I wonder with these cancellations, what is going to happen next for the rest of the series in DC You?

I imagine right now many people are getting a little nervous about the future of their favorite DC You books. I’m curious in reading the next sales chart for August off of The Beat to hear more as to how things are faring. I know from looking at the July numbers for a lot of DC You titles it wasn’t pretty to see. It’s why I’ve been on my twitter today saying that if you got a book you dig, now would be the time to support it and tell your friends. Another piece of advice if you’re into a book and haven’t done it already, put it on your pull list. That way the store knows you want it and you’ll be getting it month to month. If you’re a digital comics reader, subscribe to the book on Comixology. Not sure how that impacts month to month sales but every little bit helps at this point. I say though, spread the word on your books and show your support to them.

I feel like I’m repeating myself from the DC Rumors but now that the DC Rumors look like they’re coming to pass, it’s not a bad thing to restate. It’s a shame that five books are ending but hopefully with a little push we can stop more from getting cancelled. So if you have a book you like, don’t be shy and let people know. DC You has been a cool movement and I’d love to see it keep going. I don’t claim to have all the answers here I’m just doing my part from what I know. The time for action is now rather than later.

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