Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/16/15: Reading Comics to Recharge Writing Batteries

I’m going to have comics all over the place soon with my Mile High Comics order coming in and my Amazon order coming in. So in light of having a whole lot of comics on the way, I decided to take some reading time to myself. Call it a recharge day after the past couple days. It was a needed recharge day to be honest and I liked having it. It’s been fun for me to get the blog back up and running again. Having some fun chats with people and enjoying the conversations. Productive chats were to be had here and I loved it as it gave me fun memories of my Comics Crux days when I had all sorts of those chats. My writing energy had been on a lull and now I’m getting more of it back again. I’m getting back to having fun. I remember when I first got into the comic writing scene was by one simple comment and it was off to the races. Strange how one comment can open up an entire world to you that you never realized was even a possibility.

I’m finding so many cool books though lately that have me excited to read them. The amazon order that’s on the way is going to be nuts with so many awesome books. I’m trying a little bit of everything here and it is going to be wonderful. Yes I am really excited. Now for Mile High Comics, that’s a lot of gap filling in my collection, finishing up the Wasteland anthology series from the 80’s and the Justice Society of America series in the early 90’s. I’m going to finally read the Invasion series from the 80’s too, I’ve always wanted to read it so I’m making it happen. I’m getting my retro comics and indie roots back in shape again. Game on comics universe!

Now I shall go back to playing more comic book catch up as I do need to catch up on some reading over the past weeks. I did go through four issues of Martian Manhunter tonight, weird but a fun kind of weird. Not sure how long it has for the world but if it at least gets a year that’d be cool. I’ll have more to say on that later though, I could easily expand my thoughts on that. I did also realize that my store didn’t get Prez in, I wish I would have remembered to pre-order that sucker. I didn’t realize until I got home, bugger. Not the biggest deal as I had a pretty good stack anyway but I am enjoying Prez so I’ll get the next issue soon enough. I do plan on reading Tokyo Ghost after finishing this post. I also got the first trade of Low which has had my eye for awhile and now I’m giving it a go.

Anyway, off to comic reading land! Thanks for reading, take care!

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