Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/18/15 or SPX Code Magic!

Since I’m not writing this at near midnight I got some extra writing energy in me for this one. Yay for not writing things half asleep! Oh my goodness though I am on a spree of comic reading. I did write a thing on Danger Club, which is more a big giant nerd out so here’s the link and have at it. I loved writing that piece as it was written out of pure comic book excitement and love. Now I got informed about the SPX code on Comixology giving 50% off on SPX books and I got Charles Forsman’s Revenger #1-4 with the #5 not being part of the sale but I got that anyway and Box Brown’s An Entity Observes All Things. Between my gargantuan Amazon order funded by gift cards and Comixology, I’ve got some good comic reading ahead of me.

Outside of that tomorrow should be pretty low key and I plan on playing some extra writing catch up on a few things outside of blog. I’ve been watching Longmire today though and dang I’ve only got two more episodes left! I can’t imagine how this season is going to end but so far so good. After Longmire is over, it is Bojack Horseman time, oh yes totally Bojack Horseman time. Though tomorrow night is Doctor Who and I can’t wait to watch that. That will be a lot of fun and this should be a cool season ahead, I have high hopes for this. Now that the fall season is getting in full swing next week I’m excited in general for my TV viewing ahead which we’ll talk more about later.

Anyway it is now time to get more comic reading adventures done for the night. Enjoy the evening everyone and hope everyone is doing well out there. Laters!


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