Venturing with Danger Club: The World is Broken, Is it Possible to Fix it?

Danger Club Volume One Cover


Yeah that’s a good word for my two volume journey with Danger Club from Image Comics. That’s possibly the best way to describe Danger Club, Wow personified. Writer Landry Q. Walker, artist Eric Jones, and colorist Rusty Drake created a story that shocked and surprised me many times along the way. I remember reading the first issue of this way back when and digging it but then losing track of it along the way. Then there was delays and so forth and now it doesn’t matter, the two trades are out and now it can start to blow the minds of many readers. Yes this is as superhero comic but a mind bender of a superhero comic that doesn’t play nice and you’re all the better for it. The short version is the adult heroes and villains have left Earth and are nowhere to be found and the sidekicks are left to their own devices. That’s the simple version as this story evolves, grows, changes, and then ceases to throw the kitchen sink at you for one last mind blowing moment. That is Danger Club for me, a surprise of a comic that I want to write about here because I really want more of you out there to discover this for yourselves.

Your main cast is made up of a nice mix of superhero analogues yet that’s a point of reference to give you some kind of grounding point into the story. Kid Vigilante is the Batman style sidekick, Jack is a spoiler alert for the story, Ivan is the Zatanna and Mandrake the Magician style character, and Yoshimi is a robot pilot. There are more characters that get added as Danger Club goes on. You think you the story from the first issue then the rug is pulled out from under you and you’re only at the start of journey. You get a hint towards the big bad but it’s much bigger as time goes on. The neat thing that each issue gives you a hint towards what is going to happen initially as a classic comic book intro. It’s retro cool with a few wonderful surprises along the way as the intros give you only the slightest idea of what is about to happen. It’s exciting when you’re reading this the first time and by the time it is over you’re wanting to go back and read it again.

The characters aren’t sacrificed at all for the story at hand. It’s why you get so hooked into Danger Club’s world. Landry Q. Walker gives each character involved so many layers and you can’t help but get invested in all of them. Eric Jones as a way of bringing to life these layers through brutal emotion. There are times here where I’m not going to kid you, you may get a little shocked as to what you’re seeing on your page. It’s not played for shock value as Walker and Jones do all this in service to the story. There is brutality but it’s not done for the sake of a violent moment, it all means something. There is so much heartbreak and power in each moment of this book. You then have Rusty Drake doing some phenomenal color work that enhances the Jones’s art and becomes a beast in of itself adding yet another dimension to this story. It’s got such depth to it, it has a suitably dark hue yet there’s enough light in the shadows to show that somewhere that there is hope somewhere for the Danger Club.

I’m keeping general as all get out because in Danger Club the best part about it is how it surprises you along the way. There’s two volumes out and that completes the story. One complete adventure in two books and it will leave you satisfied. Danger Club has left an impression on me and I could easily see myself reading this again soon. Two amazing books that I hope you all out there read. Welcome to Danger Club, an adventure well worth taking.


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