Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/24/15 or Still Processing Heroes Reborn

I was out a good chunk of today but that’s alright as it was pretty fun today overall. Got to hit up a used bookstore and find a couple things I’d been looking for for a bit. More cool comic books I got my hands on today. The comics I found were the first three issues of the 8House series by Brandon Graham and the six issue series The Last One by J.M. Dematteis and Dan Sweetman. Can’t wait to start on those but it may be a tiny bit as I want to start reading other books before that, oh my backlog, the reading adventures are going to be powerful ones in the days to come. Oh the joy of being a reader, we can’t help but have epic stacks of books on our hands. Of course I didn’t get a ton of reading done today as the streaming and television universe awaited me as I got home.

Yes today seemed to become my TV day though after I got home because I ended up finishing Longmire today which begged to get another season on Netflix after the ending. Seriously, that ending of Longmire, I better get another season darn it. Then I saw Heroes Reborn tonight and I am happy it is back. It’s strange and I can tell it is using the foundation of the old to build into new directions. The show this time around is focused on the new Heroes or as they’re called here EVO’s and the old ones are popping up here and there in the series. It’s a changed world and it is decidedly different. I can see though that in this stage it is trying to work the old Heroes magic and hopefully it can capture it. The new people are solid overall though the video game segments in there were a little odd show wise. It didn’t totally take me out of the show but it kind of gave me a Snow Crash vibe as to how the real world interacted with the virtual one. Overall though, solid start and looking forward to next week.

Now I am going to chill for the rest of the night as tomorrow shall be a fun and exciting day ahead! Till tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading and bye for now!

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