Thought Process: The TV Ratings for Tuesday Night and Agents of SHIELD

I just got a look at the TV ratings for Tuesday night via TV by the Numbers and it is pretty interesting. It’s cool to see that Agents of SHIELD went up a notch in ratings from last year. I think why Agents of SHIELD went up is the fact that the show is going in a new direction. It’s becoming more like a Marvel movie and feeling more and more like part of the universe outside of the movie tie-in episodes. I did notice the budget got increased more for the opening episode of Agents of SHIELD and I wonder if the budget increase will be there for the entire season. It looked a lot better than it has and this is from someone who’s a fan of the show. It’s always had a decent enough look to it but now it looks much more polished. Even Lash’s appearance looked pretty good, I’m surprised by that. Now the test will be if Agents of SHIELD keeps up these ratings for awhile. As long as the positive buzz keeps up and more people decide to give the show another shot, heck Agents of SHIELD could actually have a highly rated season on its hands. Now in relation to that and everything else ratings wise, well that gets interesting too.

See if you look at the ratings you see that pretty much every show on Tuesday night deals with NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. That’s the ultimate fight that any show on Tuesday night deals with is the NCIS franchise. It grows in viewers year by year and is at this point hard to beat. That any series does a little of what NCIS does it is considered a small victory. Agents of SHIELD got 4.8 million viewers and that’s pretty impressive against NCIS: New Orleans. Now if you say look into The Muppets and it look a little bit of a hit from last week, it’s still doing pretty good against the NCIS powerhouse. Heck that Grandfathered and The Grinder did as well as they did against NCIS is pretty amazing. Screen Queens is going to have a tough future at this point as I’m not sure anyone cares about the show after the initial episode.

Yes the Voice is on too and I treat that as the mega event show. It does well when it is there and it can beat NCIS in the 18-49 demographic but in overall viewers it can’t even touch NCIS. The Voice does great but not enough to battle the NCIS powerhouse on Tuesday night. That’s why I say if a show can even do a little leeway in getting past NCIS, you’ve got a small victory on your hands. For Agents of SHIELD it got a victory and a notch in their win column. It’s only going to get crazier from here in the Tuesday Night Battleground.

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