Lacking Inspiration, Time for a Birthday Eve Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/2/15

Today writing wise I’ve been in prep mode but also been dealing with stuff around the house so I haven’t been active writing wise today. That’s alright though as tomorrow on October 3rd it is my birthday my b-b-b-birthday yeah! Oh lord and I totally wrote that in Cartman voice. Oh well, it’s my blog I do what I want like a wild and crazy guy. Wild and crazy guy indeed chilling at home on a Friday night, aw yeah rock and roll party animal am I. Not really, as I say my birthday plans seem to kind of happen. Never really get planned they just kind of happen. Seriously almost every birthday I’ve had over the past couple years has operated like that. See what happens and enjoy the day as it goes. I plan on going to the library tomorrow and then…question mark, question mark, who knows? I will end up watching Doctor Who tomorrow so that’s a plan set in stone. Everything else I’ll play by ear. Just like every other year.

I am starting on my long very long overdue comic project, involving my insane look at a long running series. Now that I got all the issues with one on the way, I figure it is a good time to start the adventure in earnest. It’ll be fun though as I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and now is the right time to get the party started. Yeehaw Comic Reading Party! That will probably end up being my birthday tomorrow, comic reading. I could live with my birthday being a comic reading extravaganza. Though if any plans happen, I’m cool with that. Going out or reading comics all day, I’m groovy either way I say.

It is cold out too so it’s making any big outside events pretty iffy right now. Last night it was a little chilly but not too bad so I could walk around for a few, get my walk in. Today it is a little chilly and rainy and that doesn’t constitute for a good walk. So pretty much I am even more chilling inside. I did get some exercise in today so..hey at least that much! Wow this is the ultimate in chill bloggity babble goodness, if you even make it this far into this I’ll be impressed.

Anyway signing off for now, catch up to you all later!


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  1. I hope you’ve put a copyright on, “Bloggity” 🙂

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