Chill Bloggity Thing 10/3/15: Happy Birthday to Me! Also Wow Doctor Who is Weirdsville in a Good Way

Starting out, hey today was my birthday as I post this, October 3rd! All I did was for the most part read, that was really about it. I went to the library, got a few books, and that’s my day. I do have two of the books that lead into the Force Awakens so I’ll start on reading those pretty soon in between the other reading I plan on doing. Yes I know, I have a reading backlog of doom anyway but I can’t help myself as when you find books you want to read, you can’t help but be drawn to them. So many good books so many ways I wish I had my own massive soundproof reading room. Oh well, one can dream but hey I’ll make time for reading anyway, not like I don’t make a point to at least read for an hour a day no matter what. With all the cool books out there, shouldn’t be a problem.

Now for my reading today, I did make a point to read This One Summer and boy am I glad I did. I’ve had this out from the Library for a bit and I finally sat down and read it. Really good read you all, if you haven’t read This One Summer yet go forth and read. It’s so amazing, it might make you sad at a few points, but it is worth all the emotions the story will put you through. I enjoyed this book and man I can’t believe it took me so long to read it, seriously it took me way too long to read this book. I’ve had it hanging out in my book haul for way too long, bad Wesley bad. Won’t let cool books like this hang out for this long again.

Yes though on Doctor Who so far this season, it’s been weird but a fun kind of weird. I saw the episode tonight and wow I wasn’t expecting to be another two part episode after last week. Then again it looks like there is enough material to make this a two part adventure. I like the Underwater base and the spookiness of the beings around the base. That ending wasn’t on the level of the first episode but definitely a haunting cliffhanger that’s for sure. I’m excited for next week again and it’ll be a lot of fun to see how in the world this two part adventure ends.

So I shall end this post here before I become the babbling wonder of blog land. Catch up to ya’ll later, bye!

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