Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/4/15 or Welcome to My Really Active Idea Mind

I was pondering this Comixology sale on these Eternal Warrior issues but wasn’t totally sold. Then I realized that Scribd had the run on their site. Hello saving me a ton of money with a 14 day trial. It also gave me an idea..on top of the bazillion I already have but them is the breaks of my mind. Luckily I have it pretty organized and I don’t expect to get all of this done at once. Just a little at a time because if I went too crazy over it all my mind would go nuts. It wouldn’t make for a good time that’s for darned sure. My idea pile is always increasing yet this is adding to stuff that really I’ve noticed no one has been talking about much and this could be interesting, I’m pretty excited about some of these that have popped into my head as of late. I guess I am going to be the adventurer into the unknown at this point. Hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway as for today, whew it’s been a fun one. I went to this Operation: Pumpkin festival in my area and it was pretty cool. I have pictures from it I need to upload of the Pumpkins before the place became mega crowded. Put it this way, you give people a nice day and they take pictures of the cool looking pumpkin designs but don’t have any kind of decorum, madness ensues. See the centerpiece of Operation: Pumpkin is giant pumpkins and carved pumpkin sculptures from giant pumpkins. It’s cool to see and usually it’s not too hard to get pictures but not this year with two rainy and breezy days and then one mega nice day happens, that goes out the window. It was wild to watch the swarm of people at this place, wow was it ever wild. Still it was a fun day and a much needed day out. Wow was I ever tired afterwards and considered my 30 minutes or more of walking for the day for Habitica.

As for tonight, Once Upon a Time and Fear the Walking Dead were my major TV viewing. I’ll be talking more on those later though as I have thoughts on those. Right now I’m going to process and get to sleep soon. I’m getting breakfast in the morning so I should get to bed. I was playing some troubleshooting late night for my Mom too so time to call it a night soon. Take care and catch up to you all later! Bye for now.


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